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The Royal Igloos

royal igloos poster with title-01-85075-49578 “And we’ll never be Royals…,” nope we are not heading that direction with this project. So, now that we got that song stuck in your head, let's figure out what the heck a Royal Igloo is, or better yet what an igloo is.

What is an igloo?

An Igloo is a term we coined to describe a barrel ceiling with intersecting archways that sit lower than the peak of the barrel. You may think this sounds similar to how a groin vault is created. That’s because it is – with one notable difference. An igloo uses two different intersecting heights while a groin vault intersects to barrel vaults of the same height.

How can I install an igloo?

Like any of our kits, the igloo will come with detailed instructions. For now, you can watch this video to get a feel for how it all comes together. We hope you have as much fun watching the video as we did creating it. Our goal, as always, is to keep you informed and get you pumped for building one of these for yourself. It’s truly a unique project and one that’s sure to get you a lot of praise.

Barrel Igloo Hall-51478-49578

That video style looks familiar. Have I seen it before?

We did say we like to have fun with these things, right? Well, we try to keep our videos interesting and entertaining, so we decided to model this one after the work of two of our favorite directors, Wes Anderson and Steven Soderbergh. You may know Wes from his work on the Royal Tenenbaums (cough cough…and now the Royal Igloos…wink…wink…) and Steven from Oceans 11 . Do you feel the vibe? We even tried to recreate a Wes Anderson styled cover art for our video. We are secretly hoping for an Oscar, so until that happens, email us suggestions for our next video. What should our theme be? What’s your favorite movie? Send us your thoughts and we will try to recreate them in our arch packed videos. In the meantime, be among the first to plan a igloo into your next project. Let’s turn that barrel vault into royalty, shall we?

What’s all this about a free t-shirt?

We absolutely love hearing from you and seeing all of the creative ways that you use our products. Here’s the problem. We’re getting greedy. We want more! Yes, you’ve created a monster. Now, you’re the only one who can satisfy our undying urge for project photos. All you have to do is share a photo on social media using the hashtag #archkit and we’ll send you a free t-shirt. You’ll see us modeling it in the video. Share on Instagram , Twitter or Facebook and we’ll find you! Of course, we’ll need an address to send your t-shirt, so be sure to respond. Oh, and it doesn’t have to be a royal igloo (although, that would be awesome.) Any of our products will do. Install an arch, send a pic, get a t-shirt. It’s that simple.

Free Shirt Graphic-01-18291 (1)-37865

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