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3700 Armstrong

We like to think that the homes that house our archways and curved ceilings are pretty spectacular. Sure, there are some builders who only use an arch or two, or just add a groin vault to one room. And then there are those homes that seem to have more curves than straight edges. Those are the homes that we find seriously spectacular. And as it turns out, two of these above-average abodes are in the process of being built as we type.

Take A Look

Now, let’s take a closer look at the stunning curved ceilings of one of these homes: 3700 Armstrong. Keep in mind that we’re looking at the “bare bones” of this one, so you’ll have to use a little imagination. Still, you’re likely to find the raw structure to be very impressive.

Gallery Groin Vault – In this home, the groin vault really shines. Below are just a few (and yes, there are more to come), but they are going to create an awe-inspiring look. The way each gives way to an arch creates a completely seamless effect.

Masterful Sitting Space – The lucky couple who gets to live in this finished home will relax beneath a massive elliptical dome in the sitting area of their master bedroom.


Igloo Arches and Barrel Vaults – The master bath is home to more than one barrel vault , but this one is a good example of how to cap off a vault that would otherwise run into the window. The igloo arch does the trick with style.


Master Bedroom Gets a Soft Glow – This cove ceiling adds a splash of style to the rest of the master bedroom, and there’s even a light well to flood the room with a soft glow.

A Curved Foyer – In this home, it’s hard to find a star simply because everything seems to shine. Still, the barrel ceiling in this foyer is rather remarkable. If you don’t think this barrel makes a huge impact, just imagine this home without curved ceilings. Boring, right?

A Perfect Entryway – Building an arch with a perfect radius is always important, but it’s even more important when you’re placing that arch above another perfect radius. Good thing our arches are about as close to perfect as they come.

The Hidden Vault – We mentioned that there were more groin vaults to come, right? Well, we’ve just found another. It was hiding under the stairs, guiding the way to the wine cellar. Isn’t it great that there are curved ceilings everywhere you look?

We hope you’ve enjoyed the journey through this work of architectural art in progress. It is truly a shining example of the kind of impact curved ceilings can make. If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll get to see the finished product. Now that would be a treat. Stay tuned for another jaw-dropping featured project coming up soon.

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