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It’s our goal that you have a good experience working with our products even after you’ve installed our archway, ceiling, and wall design kits. From drywall, to corner bead, to tapes and radius moldings, these are the pros and manufacturers of radius finishing product that we recommend.


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Trim-Tex is the premier manufacturer of vinyl drywall beads & accessories. They offer the largest selection of drywall products to make creative ideas a reality. With over 200 rigid vinyl shapes, and over 600 styles and lengths of corner bead, they’re sure to have the perfect radius corner bead to fit your project.

(847) 679-3000

Strait-Flex manufactures the world’s best line of drywall tapes and trims. They’ve done an amazing job of making sure their tapes and trims go on quickly and sand easily. From large to tighter radius ceilings, they’re bound to have the specific tape to make tapping your groin vault, dome ceiling, or barrel vault a breeze! Visit them online and request their free catalog and instructional DVD.

(888) 747-0220

Flex Trim Logo-01-39522-63478 (1)

Flex Trim is a manufacturer of flexible polyurethane mouldings. They offer the largest selection of profiles (35,000) of any moulding manufacturer in the world. All of their products are paint grade and many can be stained. So, if you’re looking to add a crown moulding to your dome ceiling or maybe a radius casing for an archway, they’ve got an affordable solution with dozens of options. Visit them online to find a local dealer or download their sales brochure and profile catalog.

(877) 877-4595