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The Ultimate Guide To Custom Wood Range Hoods

Custom Wood Range Hoods by Archways & Ceilings
A custom Bell Curve Wood Range Hood being installed (Credit: Archways & Ceilings)

Howdy!  You probably found us because you are working on a kitchen remodel or building a new house and want to make the kitchen pop with a showpiece wood range hood, and after some initial searching, have experienced a bit of sticker shock.  We understand.  Countless customers have told us the drill: they see an amazing range hood, they click on it and not only is it 5 to 10 times the cost of ours, but it only comes in certain sizes which won’t work for their application.  We’re glad you found us because we offer a custom, quality, and durable product at a below average cost.  

Our Wood Range Hoods Are Both Affordable And Custom

Instant Pricing

We are straight-forward people, so we like straight-forward pricing. Our customers like it, too (that’s what they tell us). We’re just not fans of websites that create unnecessary anxiety by requiring an email for a quote that could take days, it’s also just not good service. Here, let’s show you exactly what our straight-forward and affordable pricing means to your specific project. Simply choose a style, type in your dimensions, and you’ll get a price right now! You might want to sit down because you might be surprised at how affordable our wood range hood kits are. Take it for a spin - go ahead and click here  to see what’s making our customers so happy.

Wood Range Hoods Pricing
Range Hood pricing is updated in real time as you customize your kit

Wood Range Hood Customization

Now that you’ve seen our pricing is the real deal, you can take some time to consider your customization options. We have nine standard styles to choose from, all of which can be tailored to your specific measurements.

We offer nine styles of straight and curved wood range hoods. Straight styles are the Farmhouse, Craftsman, and Modern. Curved styles are the Ballast, Arcadian, Bell Curve, Bella, Monroe, and our most popular the Tuscan.

Straight Range Hood Styles

Farmhouse : straight design lines and has a similar look to like a high-pitched roof or awning. Does not taper on the sides.

Craftsman : straight design lines and tapers from the top on both the sides and the front.

Modern : straight design lines from top to bottom gives this range hood style a very clean look.

Curved Range Hood Styles

Ballast : convex curved design lines taper from the top on the front, does not taper on the sides.

Arcadian : concave curved design lines taper from the top of the front, does not taper on the sides.

Bell Curve : bell-shaped curved design which tapers from the top of the front and the sides. An exaggerated curvy shape.

Bella : is the bell curve front with its exaggerated curvy shape, but with flat sides.

Tuscan : A curved design with a soft radius that tapers from the top of the front and the sides. A subtle curvy shape.

Monroe : is a twist on the Tuscan range hood style that incorporates clipped corners for that extra punch of architectural detail.

9 styles of custom range hoods from Archways & Ceilings
Our 9 different styles of Wood Range Hood kits

Or perhaps you’re looking at these options thinking you have a creative idea for a new style? And you’re right! There could be another style out there, waiting to be discovered! Maybe you have a great idea for a next new wood range hood style? Send us a rough drawing of your design and we’ll create a professional drawing to help you create your vision of a new range hood style. Did you know that is how we got all of the styles we offer? Our customers ask if we can make it and boom! – a new style is born.

Important Items To Consider When Choosing Wood Range Hoods

In addition to price and style, there are several other factors to consider when selecting what kind of wood range hood you want for your kitchen remodel. We’ll go into more detail about these down below, but they basically fall into the following categories:

  • Vent liner - your vent liner (or vent insert) is the starting point for your wood range hood project.
  • Measurements - ensuring the measurements are correct and that the range hood you want will be the right size for the space you need.
  • Approval drawings - once the drawings are approved our team will begin production.
  • Installation - installing our range hoods is actually quite simple, and we’re here to help every step of the way.
  • Finishing - what materials will you use to finish the range hood to achieve the look you desire?

Custom Wood Range Hoods Made Easy

We promise that we’ll make selecting your wood range hood easy. To do that we’re going to walk you through the whole process in 8 simple steps. There is no reason you have to pay thousands of dollars for a range hood, so we’ll show you how you can save money and build a custom wood range hood to your specifications. Let’s get started…

Step 1: Picking Your Vent Insert (and/or Liner)

It all begins with your vent insert (and/or liner), as this will dictate the minimum size of your wood range hood. Because our range hoods are so custom, you choose your own vent liner and we work around what you want. If you already have a vent liner, it will determine the type of range hood you can order. If you don’t have a vent liner yet, that’s not a problem, you have several options to choose from.

A quick note: depending upon your needs and budget, vent inserts (and/or liners) are plentiful. Be sure to do your homework.

When deciding on a vent insert, our first suggestion would be to do a quick search on Google for “vent insert.” But if you’d like to narrow it down, here’s a list of some of the most popular brands we regularly see: Zephyr, GE, Broan, Ancona, Vent A Hood, Trade-Wind and Thermador. You can also talk to your contractor and see if he or she has any recommendations.

Vent liners are a critical part of the measurement process, so make sure you know what you will use before you order your custom wood range hood. Keep in mind that your range hood can always be larger, but more on this later.

Step 2: Putting Together Your Wood Range Hood Measurements

Once you have your vent insert (and/or liner), we can begin to put together your range hood measurements. As you can imagine, fabricating a wood range hood is a meticulous process, which is why we get into the nitty-gritty details with measuring. To build you a wood range hood, we need 4 measurements: depth, width, face height, and total height.

Measuring Your Wood Range Hood

The depth and width (occasionally the face height), will be limited by your vent insert (and/or liner). So, before you determine what measurements you’d like to have, let’s first determine your minimum depth and width measurements. Let’s forget about face height temporarily, as any problems will be caught once approval drawings are provided. So, your minimum depth is the vent insert (and/or liner) + 2.375 inches. And your minimum width is the vent insert (and/or liner) + 3.125 inches.

Measuring Your Range Vent Insert

Now that you have your minimum measurements, you can begin to assess your space. What will proportionally look good? How tall are your ceilings? Sometimes laying it out on the wall with tape puts it in perspective. Now compare what you’d like to have for your depth and width and see if you have a vent insert (and/or liner) conflict. Remember, your hood can always be larger, which is normal, but never can it be smaller. When it’s larger, you simply add blocking inside the hood to secure your vent insert (and/or liner).

blocking inside the hood to secure your vent insert

As for face height and total height, normally we see face heights range anywhere from about 6 to 10 inches. The total height will be dictated by your ceiling height. Most range hoods are placed 66 to 72 off the floor. So, if you have a 10-foot ceiling, we’d recommend a total height between 48 to 54 inches.

Step 3: Choosing your Wood Range Hood Style

Finally, the fun part. Here’s where you get to pick the shape of your wood range hood. As mentioned above, we currently have 9 styles that can be broken down into two categories, either straight or curved. Straight Range Hoods include Farmhouse, Craftsman, and Modern whereas Tuscan, Monroe, Bell-Curve, Bella, Arcadian, Bella, and Ballast are curved range hoods. And of course with all of our products, we’re happy to make you a custom style if you can't find what you want.

At this point, choosing the style boils down to personal preference. If you’re sitting on the fence and having trouble choosing a style, then here a couple of recommendations. First, visit our Range Hood Photo Gallery and see if a picture puts you over-the-top. If that doesn’t work, here’s the styles listed in order of popularity: Tuscan, Craftsman, Farmhouse, Bell Curve, Arcadian, Monroe, Modern, and Ballast. Regardless of the style you choose, it’s also important to make sure you consider the size of your space to find a design that will be proportionate to the size of the kitchen and cabinetry.

Step 4: Placing Your Wood Range Hood Order

All your leg work is complete. You can either place your order online, or call us and we’ll help you place it over the phone. All you need is your vent insert (and/or liner) model number, measurements, style, and credit card.

Step 5: Approval Drawings Prior to Manufacturing

At this point, sit back and relax. You’re done for the time being.

Within a day or two of placing your order, we’ll email you approval drawings. This is where our design team 3D models your range hood measurements along with your vent insert (and/or liner). If we have a clearance issue with your vent insert (and/or liner), we change the measurement so it fits and then we notate the measurement in red. Any other issues will also be notated on the drawings.

Once you get your approval drawings, take your time looking them over. We want you to understand exactly what you are ordering and have a clear picture, just like your set of architectural plans provide. If you’re unhappy with the style, we can change it. If you need to change a measurement, we can update it. If you’d like more curvature, not a problem, we’ll revise your drawings (1 revision included). Once we’ve dialed in your approval drawings and you’re happy, give us the go ahead and we’ll begin manufacturing your wood range hood.

View Example PDF Approval Drawings (1.45 MB)

Step 6: Manufacturing & Shipping Your Range Hood

Once approved, your order goes back to our design team and the parts for your range hood are created. Usually a day or two later we’ll shoot you an order update email with your projected ship date. Lead times are heavily dependent upon our current workload. While we advertise 7-10 business days to manufacture, the day-to-day average is about 5 business days (bell-curve style excluded).

We ship everything UPS Ground. It’s not feasible to offer expedited shipping (overnight or 2-day) as our wood range hoods are heavy. Typically, you can expect 2-3 boxes that are 45 x 18 x 6 with a total weight of about 80 pounds. As for transit times, this is dependent on your location to the Dallas Fort-Worth Metroplex.

Step 7: Installing Your Wood Range Hood

Installing our wood range hoods is a lot like coloring by number, every piece has its place. Like all of our kits, your wood range hood will come with step-by-step instructions that make a perfect installation easy. We recommend you put your wood range hood together on the wall piece by piece. However, if you’d like to put it together on the floor, and then put in in place later, it’s doable, but you’ll have to scab the back plates together.

Before you get started, we recommend that you first watch our installation video. This will eliminate most, if not all, questions you may have going into it.


We've also made install videos for most of our range hood styles: Tuscan , Bell Curve , Craftsman , Arcadian , Ballast , Farmhouse , Monroe , Bella , and Modern . The installation process is not something to be intimidated by, as we have made an exhaustive effort to make sure your install is a success. And if you run into problems with your install, don’t worry we are still here to help you! You can shoot us an email or call us during our business hours and we are happy to help you out.

Step 8: Finishing Out Your Wood Range Hood

Maybe you don’t know how your finished wood range hood will look yet or maybe you have a plan for exactly how you will finish your masterpiece. The good news is you don’t have to know in order for us to start crafting your custom range hood.

Whether you want your custom range hood to have a simple or an ornate finish, the choice is yours. When it comes to finishing materials, your options are seemingly endless - drywall, plaster, wood veneer, brick veneer, trim, tile, and more! It’s totally up to you! With so many customization options, it is clear that no wood range hood will be exactly alike. Get some inspiration from our custom wood range hood photo gallery , and plan your masterpiece.

Archways & Ceilings - Your Source For Wood Range Hoods

That was easier than you thought, wasn’t it? Our promise is to make it easy for you to get the wood range hood you want while not breaking the bank. A wood range hood built to your measurements, style, and that’ll fit the vent insert you choose. We love seeing your ideas materialize and can’t wait to see your wood range hood! If you’ve got a project in process, or one already completed, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram at @archwaysandceilings or use the hashtag #archwaysandceilings.

We look forward to working with you, and if you have any questions, call us. We’re here to help.

Design Your Wood Range Hood

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