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6 Range Hood Styles to Consider for Your Next Project

range-hood-styles-to-consider-with-interior-design Everyone wants a kitchen that shows a sense of style, and that has all the essential features. As the heart of the home, the kitchen deserves special attention, so every design decision is important. The range hood, which is sometimes overlooked, can blend with any theme, and show that you really put some thought into the design of your kitchen. Here are 6 attractive range hood styles that you should consider for your new kitchen or remodeling project.
  1. Tuscan : With a mild radius at the front and the sides, the Tuscan style range hood is simple yet elegant.
  1. Bell-curve : as the name implies, this range hood has a bell shape, and it curves outward at the base and inward at the top.
  1. Craftsman : the traditional shape of this range hood with its slanted lines has become a modern day favorite.
  1. Arcadian : this range hood has a simple, concave curve at the front.
  1. Ballast: Like the Arcadian, this has a front radius, but with a convex curve at the front.
  1. Farmhouse : the design is similar to that of the Craftsman, yet only the front is slanted.


Considerations for Range Hood Styles

It may only take up a fraction of the space in your kitchen, but the installation of a range hood should not be taken lightly. Since range hood styles vary, you should consider how each range hood style will affect the overall theme of the space. Some important considerations for this purchase are:
        • The layout of the kitchen will determine how big the range hood will be and how you will position it. On average, range hood depths are normally around 24", the widths range from 3 feet to 4 feet, and the height 4 feet to 5 feet.
        • You'll also need to choose your vent liner. This alone can dictate the size of your range hood along with the style. Also, will you vent through the top or the back of the range hood?
        • The dimensions and the style of the range hood will affect the price, and in turn your budget. The tuscan style is the most affordable while the bell-curve style is the most expensive.
The variety of range hood styles increases the number of design options you have at your disposal when planning a kitchen remodel. Keeping an eye on peripheral considerations will ensure that you get the right style for your kitchen. For a more in depth, from design to finish information, read our " Ins and Outs of Range Hoods " article.

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