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Can You Use Several Different Arch Styles in the Same Home?


The short answer is "YES" you can use several different arch styles in the same home. As a component of interior design, several arch styles have emerged over the years. Whether past, presently, or in the future, you're bound to come across a client that may have a hard time selecting one, but you may not have to limit them to one arch style to get the look they want. While most choose consistency, some like variety. For those clients that like variety, here's a few tips. But first, let's discuss the several arch styles.

Types of Arch Styles

The plethora of arch styles can be daunting for your clients. We have 10 arch styles alone that we showcase on this website. In our opinion, the key, the place to start, is to have them first pick out the ones they like and then cross out the ones they don't. Hopefully you're left with only a few. The second step, is then to discuss what type of architecture these arch styles mostly represent and the overall affect they have on the home. As you'll see, some of the arch styles compliment each other very nicely. The tried and true example is the half-circle arch style paired with the the elliptical arch style.

Soft Segmented Arch Style

This arch is a modern day favorite. The subtle curve, softer than the other arch styles, can take the edge off square boring openings while keeping the openings tall and grande.


Half-Circle Arch Style

The half-circle arch is reminiscent of Spanish/ Tuscan architecture . With a dramatic curvature, this style is often related to bringing a warm cozy feel to a home.


Elliptical Arch Style

This is also reminiscent of Spanish/Tuscan architecture. However, in our opinion it seems to becoming a staple to high-end custom homes. The complexity of this arch makes it very elegant.


Corbel Arch Style

While rooted in the roman architecture, the Corbel Arch has now become a modern day accent piece to openings.


Shoulder Flat Arch Style

This popular arch also has it's roots in roman architecture. But today, are a remodeling favorite. They're also great for very large openings.


Gothic Arch Style

As the name implies, this is part of gothic medieval architecture. Wow, who would've thought? They're strong and bold. Definitely not subtle.


Tudor Arch Style

A famous arch that is your standard classic old world arch. Kind of a cross between an elliptical and a gothic arch. Elegantly bold.


Bell Curve Arch Style

The bell curve arch is more of a modern day creation. Soft, swooping, and dramatic.


Tips for Using Different Arch Styles

As stated above, some arches compliment each other very nicely. The half-circle arch, the elliptical arch, the shoulder flat arch, and the bell-curve arch would work great together. Also, the gothic arch, the tudor arch, and the corbel arch would keep the home's architectural feel consistent. However, what do you do when your client wants to mix a half-circle arch and a gothic arch that don't compliment each other? Simple, you use the arch styles for different purposes. Use one arch style as the primary, for your openings, and the other as a focal point to highlight an area. For example, maybe the house will have several half-circle and elliptical openings reminiscent of Spanish/Tuscan architecture, and then you have a wall niche with a gothic arch that highlights this area. You get the idea, the clash of styles can draw attention. On the whole, we've seen it all. Sometimes what we thought would look horribly paired, actually looked quite good. Don't be afraid to experiment. Our prefabricated kits are inexpensive. So, if it doesn't work, it's not a big deal.


Prefabricated Arch Kits

Arch construction requires precision and attention to detail, and mistakes can affect interior design. One affordable solution that makes the process less time consuming is the use of prefabricated arch kits. Plus, you have us to help you walk through the process. You'll also be pleasantly surprised how affordable we are.

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