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4 Benefits of Wall Niches Most Don't Think About

4-benefits-of-wall-niches Wall niches are a simple way to add nifty design touches to your homes. It can be a selling tool that will most likely have home buyers discussing what piece of art, picture, or a special statuary they would display in the wall niche even before they buy your home. You'd be helping them envision life in the home before they own it. Wall niches are focal points. Whether there at the end of a hallway or in an entry, most everyone naturally starts thinking what they would put in it. It's just one more spot they're talking about as they're trying to envision themselves living there. Here's a few other benefits of wall niches that most home builders don't think about.

Breaking Up Blank Walls

Blank walls, specially longer walls, weaken your interior design and layout. These dead areas can always benefit from a burst of creativity. Breaking up a blank space with wall niches can put a simple but attractive spin on your interior design efforts. Whether you add one to either side of a fire place or at the end of an hallway, they can either frame a space or become a focal point themselves. wall-niches-framed-and-drywalled

Wall Niches Provide Extra Storage

Having some extra storage is never a bad idea, especially when it comes to those small items that can cause clutter around the home. Wall niches are ideal for storing scented candles, flowers, art, and a host of other items. Plus, they're recessed into the wall, allowing the space to be used efficiently by you future homeowners. Face it. We all have loads of stuff. So much stuff we have rent a small garage (storage rental unit) down the street to hold our stuff. Home owners crave all the storage they can get, if done correctly. Why not give them a wall niche for their stuff?

Secondary Lighting

Wall niches are a great way to add secondary lighting, which is often neglected in my opinion. Think about it. It's late at night, you'd rather not flip on the hall light, but you're sure one of your kids left a toy (lego) in the hall. Do you brave it? No, you flip on the wall niche light that gives you just enough light to side step that thorn waiting to embed itself in the bottom of your foot. Now, if you ask my wife, she'll laugh. She likes it because it highlights a family shrine of pictures. For her, the light only comes on when family or friends come over. For me, it has saved my feet countless times late at night. wall-niches-home-design-ideas

Bathroom Space Saver

Most of us have medicine cabinets to hid all the band aids, razors, aspirin, and host of other items we wouldn't want to display. But wall niches are the exact opposite. They allow you display a few pictures, towels (elegantly rolled in the shapes of doves), or books to make our home feel more tranquil and cozy.

Wall niches can be both design and functional features inside your homes. They're extremely affordable, easy to order, and easy to install. Plus, you have complete control. From the size, shape (style), and whether it has an arched top or dome top. So, what are you waiting for...

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