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General Questions

Do I have to assemble the product?

Yes.  All Archways & Ceilings products are designed to be easily assembled as framing kits.  Each product comes with detailed instructions showing you how to properly install your kit.

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Do you handle small orders?

We handle orders of all sizes.  We will manufacture one arch or a thousand arches.  Each customer is important to us no matter what size the order is.

Do I need to order through a dealer, or can I come directly to you?

We are primarily manufacturer direct to builder, but we do work with a few lumberyards. At the end of the day, we believe it is better if you’d work directly with us as we can ensure we get your order correct.

What does the product look like when I get it?

All products are broken down into kits either packaged in a box or a crate depending on size.

What is your product made out of?

Our products are made out or MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and Plywood components (if applicable).

What level of experience is needed to install your kits?

If you can hold a nail gun and use a measuring tape, then you are experienced enough to install our framing kits.

How thick is each arch or ceiling kit?

The thickness for archways and ceiling kits vary depending upon the size. Please visit the specific product you're interested in for more detailed information.

Do you carry stock sizes?

The short answer is yes. However, 95% of the time we build kits to our customer specific needs. Yet we do have a few kits that we call Grab & Go, which is the closet thing we have to stock products. These are the most popular sizes and styles that we’re making on a regular basis. So if you’re in a hurry and need something right away, a Grab & Go can ship in half the time a custom product can.

What happens if my product gets rained on when sitting out on my project?

No worries!  Our products have been delivered to job sites over the last 20 years and we have never had a problem with water.  If water gets on the arch, you may get a mild discoloration and slight swelling, but the arch or ceiling kit will be fine.

What are your 3 key measurements for figuring an archway or ceiling kit?

Depth (length), width, and rise.  With these 3 key measurements, we can make any archway, ceiling or wall design kit.

What is depth?

Depth =  the net thickness of the wall.  It is also considered length when referring to a barrel vault ceiling.  Length= the distance from one end to the other end.

What is width?

Width =  the span of the opening.

What is rise?

Rise* =  the drop of the arch as measured from the apex of the underside of the arch to the lowest point it encounters the trimmer.

*This is not the radius.

How precise can you make your archways and ceilings kits?

We can prefabricate any archway or ceiling kit to the nearest 1/8 inch, and we prefer you to be exact with your measurements.

What happens when I get an archway deeper than your standard than a 2x6 opening?

Depths over 5 ½” (2×6) will be made as a 2 piece split. A 2 piece split is a 5 ½” deep arch with a split cut down the center. When installing, finish the split cut and put one 2 ¾” piece on the front and the other 2 ¾” piece on the back of the opening.

Do you have any limitations on your archways and ceilings kit?

For the most part, no. If you can supply us with the 3 key measurements, then we can build it.

How come when I am on the website and input an archway or ceiling kit larger than 30 foot, I get an error code telling me to contact you?

Our online website only handles widths up to 30 feet.  Anything wider, we prefer to handle directly over the phone so we can better understand all the variables and ensure proper pricing, shipping costs, and enclose proper installation instructions.

*The error code doesn’t mean we can’t do it.  We just feel more comfortable confirming such a large size archway or ceiling kit.*

Do you nail or screw in the products?

You can nail or screw into our products.  We suggest using the method you are most familiar with. Traditionally, all of our products are nailed in because it is faster.

What should I do if I have unusual sizes and designs on my project?

You should contact Archways & Ceilings by phone 877-303-ACME (2263) or email and a Sales Representative will help you with your quote/order.

*Remember, we can make any custom sized archway or ceiling kit to fit your desired measurements*

Where can I watch videos to learn more about measuring, installing, and drywalling your products?

Visit the product page of the product you’re interested in. In our Tech Specs section, click on the “How To Measure”, “How To Install”, or “How to Drywall” link more information and videos.

How do I drywall the product?

We have instructional drywall videos for most of our products.  Visit the product page of the product your interested in and then click on the “How to Drywall” link for more information.

How much does shipping add to my order?

Shipping will vary depending upon the size and location of your order. To get an instant shipping quote, simply add products to your cart and then select your state and enter your zip code.

Quotes & Order Questions

How do I get a quote for an order?

We offer 4 methods to quote your project:

  1. Input the measurements online and receive an instant quote.
  2. Call us at 877-303-2263 to get a quote over the phone.
  3. Email us your plans or dimensions.
  4. Fax us your plans or dimensions.

How do I get the required measurements for a quote?

On each of our product pages we have pricing calculators with question mark helpers that will aid you in getting us the measurements we need to prepare a quote. For several products we also have “How To Measure” PDF instructions that can be found on a separate tab of the pricing calculators.

How come when I input my measurements online, I get an error code or the price is not popping up?

Make sure you that you’re inputting all of your measurements in inches and in decimal format (96.625 in).  If your archway or ceiling kit is larger than 30 foot then contact or call Customer Service (877-303-2263) for accurate quoting /shipping information.

What do I need to send to you so you can do a takeoff / quote for me?

Email or Fax us a PDF, CAD, or drawing with dimensions.

I don't know which archway or ceiling kit would look best for my project; can you show me what my quote or order will look like?

Yes, we offer a service to create 3D CAD Drawings.  For $49.95, we can create 3D CAD Drawings that will help you picture it, before you buy it.

How do I pay for an order?

You can pay online with a MasterCard, Visa, or Discover card.  You can also call in your credit card information, or pay by check.

What if I don't want to put my order on a credit card?

You can pay with a check.  Simply fax us a copy of the check and we will begin production of your order. However, we will not ship your order until we receive the check.  All checks should be mailed to:

Archways & Ceilings
500 Cantrell Street
Waxahachie, TX 75165

How long does it take to produce my order?

Production times vary per product. While most kits normally take 2-5 business days to manufacture, several others can take up to 5-10 business days. If you’re wondering about a certain archway, ceiling, or wall design kit, visit the specific product page and click the “Lead Time” pop-up which will give that product’s production time. Rest assured, we know you’re on a schedule! We’ll do our best to be prompt and get your kits shipping as soon as possible.

How does my order ship?

Depending on the size of your order, we will either ship it UPS Ground, US Post, or LTL common carrier.

How much does shipping add to my order?

Shipping depends on what is ordered along with the the size of the order. The best way to get an accurate shipping quote is to add products to your cart and then proceed to checkout. Once you enter your shipping address, shipping charges will appear.

How can I find out if my order has shipped?

When we ship an order we send you an “Order Shipped” email that will provide you with your tracking details.  You can also login to your account to get the current status of your order.  Lastly you can either email or call us and we’d be happy to give you an update on your order status.

What do I do if my order arrives damaged or missing?

In the event your order is damaged* or that you’re missing a component to your kit, please call us at 877-303-2263.

*Please take pictures of the damage and make notes on the BOL (if applicable).

I have received the product, but how do I install it?

Every product comes with a detailed installation instructions that will show you step-by-step how to install your kit.  You can also watch  our “How To Install” videos on each of our product pages.

Feedback Questions

Where do I send suggestions to make the Archways & Ceilings products or process better?

We encourage ideas and feedback.  Simply email them to:

Who do I contact if I have a complaint?

You can either call 877-303-ACME (2263), or email

How can I share my experience with others?

You can either share your experience by emailing us at:

Or post your experience to the following sites:

Simply Click One: Google Yelp Facebook Youtube

How can I get my project spotlighted on your website?

Simple, email us pictures of your projects along with your experience of using our product at

Optional: Attach your company logo and website url so we can post it to our site.