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Wall Design Kits


Choose from our prefabricated wall designs, including range hoods, niches, fireplace canopies, balcony rims, and more. Plus, you can also design your very own custom wall design. Visit our specialty wall design page or call us  and we will help you create a prefab kit that is just as affordable and easy to install as our standard kits.

Radius wall designs are gaining in popularity as more homeowners are looking for creative ways to break up the monotony of boring flat walls. With our prefabricated wall design kits, you can easily customize any radius wall design to your specifications.

Plus, they are easy to order, easy to install, and easy to drywall or finish out. So instead of paying your carpenter countless hours of labor, we’ll build you a wall design kit that will save you time, money, and improve your quality. You can rest easy that what you’re envisioning will become a reality.

Prefabricated Wall Niches

Creative Ideas to Finish Your Ceilings & Archways

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For more than 30 years, we’ve been crafting quality products that make building easier.

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If you can hold a nail gun and use a measuring tape, then you can install our framing kits.

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Most kits ship within 2-5 business days.