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Creative Ideas For A Covered Range Hood

Tuscan Style Covered Range Hood
A stylish Tuscan Range Hood Cover - by Archways & Ceilings

A range hood is truly a blank canvas for one’s creativity. From thinking about the style of a custom range hood to the cover and extra trimmings, not to mention color, the options are endless.

If you’re not completely unhappy with how your range hood looks in your kitchen, then why not get a custom hood for it and match it to the style of the space?

Below, we’ve made a list of some awesome ideas for a covered range hood to inspire you and show you what’s possible.

First, though, let’s cover some important questions you might have relating to custom range hoods for your kitchen makeover.

Can You Cover A Range Hood?

One of the most commonly asked questions is whether or not one can cover a range hood. The answer is of course, yes.

It’s probably not what you might think though.

Range hood covers are not always the same and they obviously don’t cover the fan part of the range hood, just the outer panels.

Can You Cover An Existing Range Hood?

Yes! You don’t need to invest in an entirely new range hood to get the style you want.

You can simply install a custom hood cover with a finish of your choice for your old range hood. This will help make it match your kitchen perfectly!

Not to mention, it’s a very cost-effective way to enhance your kitchen’s overall look.

Here you can see our 9 standard designs for range hood covers. They're all completely customizable to your specifications, and the kits are extremely easy to install. Once you install the range hood kit it's completely up to you on how you want to finish it. From paint to metal and everything in between, let your imagination run wild. And if you want something that's not pictured, we can create an entirely customized range hood design for you, too! 

9 styles of custom range hoods from Archways & Ceilings
We offer 9 different styles of Range Hood Covers

5 Stylish Covered Range Hood Ideas

Need some inspiration? Here are 5 different covered range hood ideas.

Box It Up

We don’t mean literally box it up and close it completely. Here, we’re referring to a modern range hood design . This can make it look like an extension of your cupboards.

You don’t have to blend it in with your cupboards though. There are so many different finishes you could do here. From simple, rustic wood paneling designs or a sleek coat of paint to something more decorative, it’s entirely up to you and the style of your kitchen.

While the Modern Range Hood is completely boxy, the slightly curved Arcadian Range Hood offers the same clean lines and minimal look that looks great in any modern kitchen.

Arcadian Range Hood in Modern Kitchen The Arcadian Range Hood  complements any modern kitchen

Soften Your Kitchen With Some Curves

Adding a curved vent hood cover design is a great way to break up all the straight lines of the cabinets and countertops in your kitchen. You can get a custom design that forms a semicircle coming straight out of the wall with your range hood in the middle. This is a great way to add a subtle but interesting feature to your kitchen while keeping it modern.

You can also choose from a more standard vent hood cover that features curved lines, like a Ballast or Bell Curve range hood. These are both excellent choices for any style of kitchen if you’re looking to soften up the look with some curvature. 

Bell Curve Range Hood
A massive Bell Curve Range Hood is the focal point in this kitchen - by Archways & Ceilings

Give Your Kitchen A Farmhouse Feel

Who doesn’t love a farmhouse-style kitchen? It’s inviting and comfortable, and truly makes the kitchen feel like the heart of the home.

If you want to bring a touch of this style into your home, consider a farmhouse vent hood cover . This is a simple design that you can finish off with panels and paint or natural wood to give you the exact look and feel you want.

Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel with Custom Farmhouse Range Hood
A Farmhouse Range Hood with white paint and trim - by Archways & Ceilings

Create Contrast With Different Colors

A kitchen makeover isn’t complete without adding pops of color, especially if you have a monochromatic color scheme with your cabinets, counters, and walls.

A great place to add pops of color is to the trim of the kitchen range hood. Already, a range hood becomes a focal point in your kitchen, so adding extra color here will make it ‘pop’ even more.  

You could also match it to other colors in the room. For example, if you have white cabinets and granite countertops, you could paint the cover of your range hood a sleet gray to match the counters and create a cohesive color scheme.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling bold, how about making your range hood cover a color that stands out and makes it a statement piece in the room? It could be an accent color or a unique textured finish that immediately draws the eye. This would make it a stunning focal point in your kitchen.

Black Curved Range Hood Cover
This range hood cover creates nice contrast in the kitchen - by Archways & Ceilings

Bring The Tuscan Style Into Your Kitchen

Tuscan-style range hoods are truly stunning and work in just about every kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a modern or a traditional Tuscan-style range hood cover, we’ve got you covered (excuse the pun).

You could take it a step further here, and paint the range hood cover in warm, Tuscan colors, like brown or beige hues. Or, you could keep it super simple and classic in white.

Tuscan Range Hood
A Tuscan Range Hood blends in perfectly with these rustic kitchen cabinets - by Archways & Ceilings

Finishing A Covered Range Hood 

There are so many ways one can finish a covered range hood. The wonderful thing about having a custom hood cover made to fit your kitchen is that you can have it made to your specifications, with the finish of your choice, be it wood, metal, paint, bricks, or tiles.

Wooden Range Hood Cover

Wood is always an easy, cost-effective, and versatile finish for custom range hoods, as they’re essentially a blank canvas.

A new range hood, whether it’s a farmhouse style, modern, Tuscan, or bell curve design, can be covered with wooden panels in various patterns, stains, and textures to achieve the desired look. 

Wood Covered Range Hood - Craftsman Style
Craftsman Style Wood Covered Range Hood - by Archways & Ceilings

Give It A Fresh Coat Of Paint

A hood cover really doesn’t have to be boring. A great way to liven up your kitchen is to give your covered range hood a fresh coat of paint.

In the instance that your kitchen has an old range hood, it’s a wonderful way to update your kitchen without necessarily having to do a full kitchen remodel.

If your aim is to make the range hood a focal point in the kitchen, then perhaps painting it a striking color or one of the accent colors in your kitchen will add a bold and cohesive pop of color.

Pro tip: always give everything a good cleaning before doing any DIY paint jobs around the house. Even if it’s newly installed, like a DIY range hood, make sure it’s all free of dust and dirt before you paint!

Metal Range Hood Cover

Speaking of these other finishes, metal is another awesome finish for range hoods.

One would think that metal only works well in a modern kitchen, but that’s quite the opposite. Your stove and oven, for example, are made of metal and, of course, the inner workings of your range hood will also be made of metal.

Why not incorporate that in your kitchen’s design with a metal cover for your range hood? Even if you have a farmhouse kitchen, the metallic finish adds a contemporary element to the design, especially with metals like copper.

Metal finishes also work really well when you have granite countertops, as it plays off of the gray in the countertops rather well for a modern look.

Faux Painted and Real Metal Covered Range Hoods
Faux Painted and Real Metal Covered Range Hoods - by Archways & Ceilings

Bricks or Tiles

If you think of all the possibilities of finishes for a covered range hood, bricks, stones, and tiles are amazing and versatile materials.

If you have a rather rustic kitchen , a brick finish is very fitting. There are so many different styles of brick too - from rough and rustic red bricks to sleek white or grey stone bricks. The brick finish is also perfect if you have an industrial-style kitchen.

Tiles, on the other hand, are great regardless of the style of your kitchen. From the farmhouse to contemporary kitchens, tiles are a clean and simple finish to a range hood. You could even match them to your tile floors! 

Overall, the finish on your custom hood will make a huge difference to the overall design of your kitchen and ultimately add value to your home. Check out this video for some of the most popular covered range hood finishes.

How Much Does It Cost To Cover A Range Hood?

If you have some great kitchen inspiration ideas but aren’t too sure what will work in your current kitchen, or whether it will fit into your budget, it’s best to weigh up your options, with prices. The style, wood type, size, and finish you choose will also factor into the price of your range hood cover.

Since there are so many options, from cheap and simple covers to more elaborate range hood covers, it can be difficult to estimate how much a range hood cover will cost you. Well, you’re in luck. You can find instant pricing right here on our website.

Simply plug in the style and dimensions you want and you’ll get an instant price. This way, you won’t have to wait days (or even weeks) for a quote.

Covered Range Hoods Pricing
Range Hood pricing is updated in real time as you customize your kit

How Do You Install A DIY Range Hood Cover?

Our range hood cover kits are so easy to install that anyone would be able to do it.

With every kit, we provide detailed, step-by-step instructions so that you can install your new custom hood in no time! We also recommend that you put it together piece by piece on the wall rather than assembling it first and then mounting it. However, it’s possible to do it that way if you prefer.

If you ever get stuck along the way, we’re just a phone call, or email away!

Final Thoughts on Covering a Range Hood

We hope to have given you some amazing covered range hood ideas that will inspire you to do a makeover of your kitchen.

If you’re ready to overhaul your kitchen with a DIY range hood cover, get in touch with us and we’ll help you create your dream kitchen with the perfect covered range hood kit!

Design Your Range Hood Cover Today

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