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Coved Ceilings: Elegance in Simplicity

coved-ceilings-elegance-in-simplicity With interior design, every decision carries some weight. Since it is above eye level it might not seem important, but it makes a big contribution to the décor. Coved ceilings add a touch of flair, and they can suit a variety of design themes. The concept involves using coving where the ceiling and wall meet. You can also find this ceiling used widely in various countries. Unlike typical crown molding, it has a rounded look, with a radius connecting the ceiling and wall. If you want to make your design stand out, consider 4 installation methods at your disposal.
  1. Coving with top reveal. Coving that has an opulent touch can give the home’s interior a timeless and luxurious feel. The coving does not have to blend seamlessly with the ceiling for it to be effective. You can easily add a top reveal that will further accent the ceiling of your room.coved-ceilings-top-reveal
  2. Coved ceiling with bottom reveal. You can use coving to separate the ceiling and the wall by adding a bottom reveal along the wall. Then you can paint it a completely different color and draw attention to a piece of art or a mural. In this way the coving accents the wall further adding to the room's design.
  3. Coving with top and bottom reveal. You can also do both, top and bottom reveal. In this case the coved ceiling itself becomes the focus. This installation method is prefect for remodels, as you don't even have to remove the drywall. coved-ceilings-reveals
  4. Seamless coved ceilings. This is by far the most common installation method. With this installation method, your goal is to seamlessly blend the cove with wall. You are essentially removing all the hard corners of your ceiling, which overall softens the feel of the room.

Reasons to Consider Coved Ceilings

Some people may be unfamiliar with the concept, but many of them may have seen it before without realizing what it was. Many coved ceilings have a dramatic impact without being overstated. Here are some reasons why coved ceilings may be right for your next project.
  1. Finishing the room. If you are looking for attractive finishing methods, this is one worth considering. Coved ceilings give rooms a look of elegance even without a big budget.
  2. Both traditional and modern. Whether the design of your home is traditional or modern, this feature can make the right statement. With so many installation methods, it is easy to find something to suit your tastes.
  3. Quick installation. We make it easy and fast.
  4. Curve Appeal. The style and beauty of coved ceilings can add to the value to your homes. Give your home the curve appeal and make them stand out from competition.

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