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A Kitchen Range Hood the Affordable Way

kitchen range hood the affordable way

You're probably here because after hours of searching, you've found that a kitchen range hood can be very pricey. Plus, the few options you did happen to find wouldn't work with your kitchen, whether it be the design, measurements, or you name it. Yep, we know! What if I told you we can custom build a kitchen range hood to your measurements, to your style, to fit your vent liner, give you infinite abilities to finish your custom range hood, and all at an affordable price ? Sound to good to be true? WAIT, don't leave just yet. Use the below link and find out for yourself. This can wait.

Shop for Your Custom Range Hood

Kitchen Range Hood Style

Most people start shopping for a kitchen range hood based on style, its design or shape. This is the best part. So before we go any further, let's discuss the different styles we manufacture. If you don't see any you like, don't fret. Send us a picture or a sketch by using the "Send Us Your Plans" form near the bottom of the page, and chances are we can make it.

As of the time I wrote this, we have 6 different styles, but maybe by the time you read this there's more. Which one do you like? Tuscan? Bell-Curve? Farmhouse? Craftsman? Once you've picked your style, you're ready to dial in your measurements.

custom kitchen range hood styles

Measuring Your Kitchen Range Hood

We already have a post solely dedicated to giving your the ins-and-outs on how to measure your curved range hood . For simplicity, I'll quickly explain each of them here, but once your ready to order, it couldn't hurt to go ahead and read through that post. The key measurements are the depth, width, face height, and total height. The depth is the distance your kitchen range hood extends from your wall. The width is how wide your range hood will be at the bottom. The face height, is the height of the front lip, the flat surface that is usually decoratively trimmed out. Lastly, the total height, yep you got it, is the total height from bottom to top of your range hood.

Something you should keep in mind is that your vent liner will often dictate or put limitations around your measurements. Most of our customers find that it's easier to pick out the vent liner first, give us the brand and model, and then provide us with the measurements. In doing this, we make sure the vent liner will fit the range hood. However, there are those who choose to build there range hood first and then shop for a vent liner later. In any case, here's the skinny on how we build your custom range hood around your vent liner . This will help in determining your measurements if you've picked out your vent liner first, but you can also work backwards and this will give you the maximum measurements for your vent liner. One last thing regarding vent liners. We're often asked what vent liners are most popular. Here's the three vent liners we see our customer use frequently: Zephyr, Broan, and Vent A Hood.

Ordering Your Kitchen Range Hood

Once you've picked your style and have your measurements, you're ready to place your order. Click the "Shop Your Affordable Custom Range Hood" link below. Simply enter your measurements, get an instant quote, and then add to your cart, and checkout. If you get hung up on anything, we're only a phone call away. Also, keep this in mind, you'll always get approval drawings. So rest easy. The first step once we get your order, is to send it to our design department. Your range hood will be mocked up with our 3D CAD software and then emailed to you for review (PDF or pictures). We don't start making your kitchen range hood, until you give us the green light.

Shop for Your Affordable Custom Range Hood

Finishing Out Your Kitchen Range Hood

There are so many ways to finish out your custom range hood: drywall, plaster, metal, wood. Or visit our custom range hood photo gallery to get your creative juices flowing. See, a kitchen range hood can be affordable. Better yet, not only affordable, but built to your needs.

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