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Round Arch Kit

round-arch-kit A round arch is exactly what the name suggests - it's a half circle. This type of arch can also be referred to as a "true arch" or "diameter half circle", which seems a bit clumsy and vague to us. On our product page, we specifically call the round arch an half-circle arch to avoid any confusion. While the names can be used interchangeably, we find it easier to refer to them as half-circle. I'll use both of them throughout this post. They are one and the same.

The round arch is very popular in Mediterranean design. All you have to do is search images for Mediterranean design, and the half-circle arch is the staple in most pictures. When asked, most people tend to say that the round arch provides a sense of warmth and coziness. We happen to believe that this is due to the drastic curvature of this arch. It rounds all the edges and seamlessly transitions into the sides of the openings.

The Round Arch Pairs Well with a Few Arches

While the round arch is beautiful, it has a few limitations. If you have an opening that that is 10 foot wide, the rise would need to be 5 foot (half the width). So what do you do? Well you have a few other arch options to consider that pair very well with the half-circle arch. You've probably already seen a few.

Elliptical Arch

The elliptical arch is by far the most popular arch that is paired with the round arch. While the radius changes from the center to the sides of the elliptical arch, creating a softly flowing, elegant curve, the overall look matches quite nicely with the half-circle arch. So, to answer the above question, what do you do when you have an opening that is 10 foot, you use an elliptical arch. In our experience, most people will use a round arch for openings less than 6ft and then use the elliptical arch for openings that are greater. Where you make that transitions is up to you.


Shoulder Flat Arch

The shoulder flat arch is another arch style that pairs well with the round arch. In essence this is a half-circle arch that is separated by a flat spot in the center ranging from a few inches to several feet. When you get to very large openings, over 16 foot, this is a great alternative to having an arch that looks too stretched or simply doing nothing.


Bell Curve Arch

While the bell curve arch is not as popular as the above arches. It still has the flowing robust curve that enables it to pair well with the round arch. However, it is used differently than the elliptical arch and shoulder flat arch. It is used as more of a focal point. A way to highlight an area, like above a vanity or large inset wall niche. Like the round arch, the bell curve requires a lot of rise to look and work properly. So, it's very rare to see them on large openings.


Do You Want a Custom Arch?

We often work with clients to design custom arches that fit their individual needs. Give us a call to discuss your ideas if you don’t see exactly what you want on our website. We’ll work with you to create it.

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