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Discover the Beauty of the Flat Arch


Flat arch. Those words don’t really sound like they should go together, do they? You’ve probably seen them several times, but didn’t know the name. A flat arch is one in which the corners of the doorway are rounded, but the top is usually flat for at least several inches to several feet. You can find even more information about this beautiful arch by searching for shoulder flat arch. While the technical name is "flat arch", we like to add the word "shoulder" to the front to help clarify and provide a visual image.

Using a Shoulder Flat Arch

We all love arches, so we’re fans of creating them wherever we can - as long as it doesn’t look ridiculous, of course. Flat arches have some major advantages over the other arch styles we prefabricate. First, they work great with openings that have low header heights. Specifically, in remodels of older homes. Secondly, they also work great with very wide openings that won't easily accommodate another arch style due to height limitations. Whenever you have an opening that is greater than 14 feet, most other arch styles tend to drop to far down. On the other hand, the flat arch is a great addition as they don't take up to much height, as they're limited to the corners. Thirdly, they blend well with almost all other arch styles. So, if you have several soft segmented arches throughout the home, but have a large opening where the soft segmented arch wouldn't look good, then the flat arch would be a good fit. Fourthly, they're simple yet elegant. Several of our customer choose to use the flat arch throughout all the openings in their projects, big or small. It's a good way to keep all the openings looking relatively the same while adding a bit of flair. Lastly, they're extremely affordable and easy to install. See for yourself by clicking the link below, enter a few measurements, and get an instant quote.

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If you’re not a fan of the flat arch, then check out some of our other archway kits we sell. We can also make something custom or unique to your project. Use our "Send Us Your Plans" contact form here .

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