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4 Types of Arches That Will Enhance Your Homes


Consider arches if you’re thinking about incorporating some architectural wonder into the interior of your homes. It may not sound like a big change of pace, but arched openings make a big impact on the appearance and atmosphere in a home. Don’t just decide on “arched openings” and call it quits though. Do your homework and choose an arch type that will make the best impact. Here's my 4 favorite types of arches that will enhance your homes.

The Soft Segmented Arch

The soft segmented arch is by far the customer favorite for more years than I can remember. It also happens to be my favorite. It's subtle and not over the top. You have total control over the rise (curvature) of the arch, which gives you total control on how they look. This isn't the case with most of the other types of arches as the rise is determined by the type of arch. Normally these arches have about a 8% - 20% rise per the width of your opening. As you can see, that gives you quite a bit of flexibility to design them they way you want.


The Elliptical Arch

The elliptical arch is my second favorite type of arch. They look extremely elegant and unique. They've been making a huge comeback these past few years as we're seeing them in more and more floor plans. What I like most about this type of arch is that it transitions smoothly from the sides of the opening. This is in stark contrast to the above soft segmented arch with its definite spring-point.


The Corbel Arch

The corbel arch is a new favorite of mine. Maybe because they're relatively new, but overall I like the decorative design they give an opening. Plus, I like the option of adding a center arch between the corbels to further enhance the opening.


The Shoulder Flat Arch

The shoulder flat arch rounds out my 4 favorites. This is a perfect arch for very large openings or low header heights. It's also great for remodels as it require no demolition if done correctly. Plus, it's simple yet elegant.


So Many Other Types of Arches

While the 4 above types of arches are my favorites, they're are so many more to choose from. You have half-circle arches, gothic arches, tudor arches, bell-curve arches, window arches, and custom arches. Which one is your favorite?


Find Your Favorite Type of Arch

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