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Round Ceiling Framing Kits


What do you think of when you hear round ceiling ? The answers we've gotten range from a simple to the extremely complex curved ceilings. Honestly, they're both correct, as it's a pretty broad term that can encompass a host of different curved ceilings. In today's market, most Homeowners are getting more demanding with these types of details in custom homes, which has builders striving to remain competitive while building some of the most unique homes that most of us have ever seen. That’s why we offer framing kits for round ceiling accents. With our ceiling kits, they're now quick, easy, and affordable. The only questions left is, "Which one?".

Simple to Complex Round Ceilings

Let's start with the most strict definition of a round ceiling. This would either make the ceiling a circular radius soffit or a suspended circular ceiling. This is what I envision when I hear round ceiling. Some wound say these look simple, some think these look modern, and a few have referred to them as simple yet elegant. You be the judge. After all that's what really matters. Don't forget to scroll down and see some of the more complex round ceilings.


Okay, what about other more complex round ceilings? Wow, the list is numerous, and for sake of space, I've listed them below with links to each page. But first, here's a few pictures of some of the most popular. Enjoy!


Save Time and Money with a Round Ceiling Framing Kit

We can help you save both time and money by providing the precisely-curved framing you need to build a round ceiling. The labor costs alone really add up when you’re working to create bent frames. Let us do that part for you and all you have to do is install it by following our step by step instructions and hang some drywall. Give us a call and let us know how we can help you.

Start Planning Your Ceiling Kit

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