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Great Ways to Use Pointed Arches

great-ways-to-use-pointed-arches Erm... pointed arches? Is this an oxymoron? No, pointed arches are more commonly known as gothic arches. This nickname is derived from the arch's point at the apex.

Arched openings have been giving home builders and homeowners the opportunity to create elegance in their homes for centuries. Pointed arch openings provide a specific type of gothic elegance that is rarely seen in today’s homes. Gothic arches, as they’re more often called, are one of our many specialties. Today we’re going to go over some of the great ways to use pointed arches.

Interior Gothic Pointed Arches

A gothic pointed arch opening makes the opening appear taller than it actually is. The center point is used primarily as a decorative accent, drawing the eyes up to a desired focal point. You can order your gothic arches that are custom made to your measurements.

Exterior Gothic Pointed Arches

Carry the gothic pointed arch theme outside your home as well. This is an incredible way to dress up and add to your home's elevation. We've seen them in entryways, inset niches, and surrounding patios.

Gothic Pointed Arch Pass-Through and Niches

Interior cutouts that allow a pass-through from one room to another, don’t have to be boring rectangles. Make the cutout from the kitchen to the living room in the shape of a gothic arch and look at how it changes the overall aesthetic for both rooms. Niches can also greatly benefit from this gorgeous design. interior-pointed-arches

We Know Our Arches

We’ve been building arches for home builders and homeowners for over 30 years. We take our time and bend each piece of wood to the specific shape you need for your custom archway. We fully understand that not all openings are exactly the same size. We use your measurements and then build them to fit. Give us a call to schedule an appointment for a consultation or if you have any additional questions about our arches or any of our ceiling or wall design kits.

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