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Great Ways to Use Pointed Arches

Erm... pointed arches? Is this an oxymoron? No, pointed arches are more commonly known as gothic arches. This nickname is derived from the arch’s point at the apex. Arched openings have been allowing home builders and homeowners to create elegance in their homes for centuries. 

Pointed arch openings provide a specific type of gothic elegance that is rarely seen in today’s homes. Gothic arches , as they’re more often called, are one of our many specialties. Here, we’re going to go over some of the great ways to use pointed arches in your home. But first, a little history and context.

great ways to use pointed arches

History of Pointed Arches 

Before we explain the amazing ways you can include pointed arches in your home, you’re probably wondering about the significance of it all.

So, let’s start with the origins of the pointed arch . Pointed arches, or gothic arches, first originated in Europe in the Middle Ages. Some of the characteristics of gothic architecture include vertical proportions, and pointed arches. This all adds to the illusion of vertical space in the room. 

Gothic arches were popular in the building of churches and cathedrals, adding to the elevated voluminous appearance of the building (and you’ll see why this is pretty great later on) with the tall, pointed arches of doorways, windows, and niches. 

Gothic Arches at Aulne Abbey ruins
Gothic Arches at Aulne Abbey ruins in Belgium - Source: Wikipedia

10 Ways You Can Include Pointed Arches in Your Home

Interior Gothic Pointed Arches

A Gothic pointed arch opening makes the opening appear taller than it is. The center point is used primarily as a decorative accent, drawing the eyes up to a desired focal point. Further to this point, it creates the illusion of higher ceilings and bigger spaces, by drawing your eyes upwards, towards the apex of the arch. This is great if you have the space in your home, but it can also work really well in slightly smaller rooms or walkways to create the illusion of extra space.

Great places to use gothic arches in the home include doorways and entryways, as well as wall niches (which we’ll talk more about further on).

Gothic Arches being framed as doorways
Gothic Arches being framed as doorways - by Archways & Ceilings

Exterior Gothic Pointed Arches

Carry the gothic pointed arch theme outside your home as well. This is an incredible way to dress up and add to your home’s elevation. They work particularly well as entryways around your outdoor living space. 

A great way to include archways outdoors is on your patio (yes your patio!). If it’s a semi-enclosed space, you could add archways between the entry and exit points of the patio area. Or, you could even include a pointed arch with inset niches in your patio area. 

Gothic Pointed Arch Pass-Through

Interior cutouts that allow a pass-through from one room to another, don’t have to be boring rectangles. Make the cutout from the kitchen to the living room in the shape of a gothic arch and see how it changes the overall aesthetic for both rooms. As we mentioned before, it’s all about creating the illusion of space, elevation, and exquisite design. Adding pointed arches as pass-throughs in your home, definitely achieve that and more!

Gothic Lancet Windows

Ever been inside a gothic-style church and you just couldn’t help but stop and stare at the windows? Now, imagine having those gothic lancet windows in your home! Well, maybe minus the stained glass. Pointed arch windows are such a great way to elevate the design of your home, especially if you already have high ceilings and large spaces. 

Even if you don’t have a lot of space, consider adding pointed arch windows to annexes or attic rooms in your home to create the illusion of space and height.

Window arches add a beautiful elegance and grandeur to a home that's somewhat rare in modern homes. If you have a farm-style home, with high ceilings and large open spaces, window arches are the perfect way to add a little something extra.

Gothic Arched Lancet Windows
Gothic Lancet Windows Adorn a Historic Victorian Home - Source: Old House Dreams

A Bold Entry-Way

If you really want to make a statement and a bold first impression (in your home that is), then an arched entryway is the way to go. 

Whether you have a Victorian-style home with a formal foyer, or a more modern house that’s open-plan, a gothic arch entryway can really enhance the overall design of the home. If you have an older home, pointed arches really emphasize the old-world charm of your home. 

A Grand Kitchen Arch

Now, if you really want to take the design of your home to the next level, adding a pointed arch in your kitchen will do the trick.

You’re probably wondering how and where you could add an arch in a kitchen? Well, this is where you can be great creative. If you’re doing a full kitchen reno, you could add in some pointed wall niches with shelves for your spices or decorative pots and pans.  

If that idea isn’t for you, simply adding an archway between the kitchen and living or dining area will draw attention to both spaces.

Stunning and Stylish Basement Reno

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and renovate your basement into an entertainment space, why not add an arch! Whether you’re turning your basement into a wine cellar, or a lounge to relax in, gothic arches can add something really spectacular to the aesthetics of the space.

Pointed Arches as Bedroom Features

The walkways between spaces in a master bedroom don’t need to be standard at all. Why not take the design of your bedroom to the next level by adding arches? 

Perhaps you can add an arch between your bedroom and a bathroom. Or even between your closet and the bedroom. The idea is to create focal points in the space and installing a dramatic archway is a great way to achieve that.

A Focal Point in The Bathroom

Who says bathrooms have to be boring? If you have a large bathroom, you could add a pointed arch inset in the wall, over the mirror, creating somewhat of a niche in the wall. 

If you have a big bathroom, you could add a pointed arch entryway to separate the bathtub, shower, or toilet from the rest of the room to create more privacy.

Pointed Arch Wall Niches

Wall niches can also greatly benefit from this gorgeous design. As it is, wall niches are a great way to add accents and dimension to a room. But, by making it a wall niche with a pointed arch, you’ll be adding to the overall grandeur of your home.  

Wall niches can be purely decorative, where you can display art pieces or sculptures. Or, they can be functional, like reading nooks, or seating areas. Whether they’re decorative or serving a specific function, they add a focal point to a room. So, why not add a gothic arch to your next wall niche/reading nook project to really take it to the next level?

Gothic Arch Wall Niche
Gothic Arch Wall Niches by Archways & Ceilings

Style is Everything

Always consider the style and size of your home before embarking on new renovation projects. For example, an ultra-modern home, with squared-off lines wouldn’t necessarily suit pointed arches. But, a Spanish-style , Victorian, Farmhouse , or a simpler modern home, would definitely receive pointed arches well. That’s why it’s always best to consult with professionals before starting any new projects in your home. 

We Know Our Arches

We’ve been building arches for home builders and homeowners for over 30 years. We take our time and bend each piece of wood to the specific shape you need for your custom archway. 

We fully understand that not all homes are the same. And that means that not all spaces and openings are exactly the same size. We use your home’s measurements and take the measurements of your desired arch, to build them to fit. That means you won’t get something that doesn’t fit in the space or looks out of place.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment for a consultation or if you have any additional questions about our arches or any of our ceiling or wall design kits. We’re always here to help!

Start Designing Your Pointed Arches

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