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How To Transform Your House Into A French Country Home

French Country Homes in the Alps French country homes dot the landscape of the French Alps

There is something effortlessly timeless about a French Country House. Rooted in elegant interior design, the French seem to find the perfect balance between the history of Provence and modern interior design - continuously reminding us that to obtain perfection, sometimes we need to embrace the imperfect.

French Country Home design makes use of story and character throughout the house - matching natural elements, such as white-washed wood and botanical patterns, with richer design.

You may be wondering how to bring a little of France into your home. Each house tells its own story, and it is just about capturing the heart of your house and telling the right story.

What Is A French Country Home?

Before we can start with finding your home’s narrative, we first have to understand: what is a French Country Home?

French design aims to take a step back from the bold clean lines of modern design and take a romantic approach. It shuffles away from the bustle of the city and aims to bring the French Countryside into your living room. 

It makes use of the curves, arches, and classic art that are central to French Culture. However, French Country home design takes a more refined and elegant approach to interior design. The historical design is humbled by elements of nature and neutral colors.

You can almost see it as a rustic home, graced by the chicness of the French interior design.

Essential Tips To Transform Your Home Into French Country Home Design

Your home forms a part of your family identity. The best way to understand the character and story of your home is by understanding every room separately. By capturing the essence of your home through individual rooms, you can unite them under one roof in a cohesive design.

French Country Living Room

Your living room is where your friends and family come together and enjoy one another’s company.

The best way to recreate a French Country Living Room is to tap into exactly that. Move away from making a TV the center point of the room and rather make use of an ornate fireplace with a custom  fireplace canopy hood .

Moreover, place your sofas so that they face each other and consider placing beautiful, soft white coverings over them. This adds a classic family gathering dynamic to your French Country Living Room.

> French Country Living Room with Curved Fireplace Canopy A curved fireplace canopy hood adds a perfect touch to this cozy space.

In addition to this add a Romantic French feeling to your living room by making use of rich oak furniture and vintage chandeliers. You can even opt for French country doors and gilded mirrors. This, matched with soft neutral colors, will automatically create the French Country Home you are looking for.

Installing a  vaulted ceiling is another way to incorporate the French Country style into your living room - especially if the area is quite large. Vaulted ceilings are reminiscent of old country styles, making them the perfect design element to instantly transform your home.

French Country Dining Room

A French Country Dining Room is every Interior Designer’s play area. This forms part of the heart and soul of a French Country Home. Your dining room can have a cozy, lived-in feeling. In fact, in some homes, French Interior Designers entirely encourage it. However, there is still a focus on humble elegance.

French Country Dining Rooms make use of curved chairs and sheer curtains to capture that rich romantic design of Provence. To add to this, you can install  arched windows . By making use of large, arched windows you are able to bring nature into your home and add an elegant touch to your dining room with the curved arches. The whole aim of French Country Home Design. 

Moreover,  wall niches are also an excellent way to add a bit of depth to your dining room.

French Country Kitchen

Your French Country Kitchen should invite the whole family in. When family and guests walk in, it should evoke the feeling of a traditional, simple and full life. Similar to the French Country Dining Room, large arched windows will help you to bring light and nature into your kitchen.

You should also make use of warm, earthy hues in your kitchen. Thus, using oak or vintage tables or cabinets would be ideal. This showcases the deep color palette that is iconic of French Country Home Style. 

Additionally, you can install embellished skirting or crown molding on top of your cabinets. Although it may seem rich, it adds to the classic elegance that is reminiscent of the French style. You could also consider a  custom range hood to give your kitchen a classic and elegant look.

A French Country Kitchen in many ways follows closely to a  Farmhouse Kitchen . However, you can round it off with rich curls similar to your Living Room and Dining Room. This will also help you maintain a unified theme throughout your house.

> Radius Arches lead into an open French country kitchen Radius Arches lead into an open French country kitchen with a Custom Range Hood

French Country Bathroom

Your bathroom is a fun element in your French Country Home. This may be one of your rooms where modern interior design marries traditional French interior design. 

Many French designers encourage you to make use of large antiques such as tables and cabinets in your bathrooms. Doing so can bring a humbled elegance to your French Country Bathroom. However, these large antiquities can be finished off with more modern elements - such as rounded sinks.

Moreover, you can play with color quite a lot in your French Country Bathroom. Colors such as deep greens and reds and blues, are quite popular in French Country Design. This is because they add a botanical element to the home design.

If you truly want to capture the heart of a French Country Bathroom, you can include a freestanding copper bathtub if you have the space.

French Country Bathroom with Groin Vaults and Arched Windows Groin vaults and arched windows give this French country bathroom character

French Country Bedroom

When it comes to designing your bedroom, tap into the history of French Provence. Whether this is an ornate headboard design or antique cupboard doors, your bedroom can be a statement of the stylish French Countryside. This can easily be paired with the classic patterns found in French Home Design.

However, a room can easily seem cluttered if it is too ornate. Therefore, opt for neutral colors on your walls and doors. Creams or beiges may be ideal for your walls, whilst white-washed wood always rounds off the doors. A French Country Bedroom can be finished with linen or sheer curtains.

Arched Windows and Entryways

Arches are definitely not a new form of interior designing. In fact, they have been around since the rise of the  Roman Empire and are central to European interior design.

Thus, it is no surprise that arched windows and entryways are the perfect way to capture the essence of a French Country Home.

When it comes to arched windows for a French Country Home, the bigger the better! You want to let as much natural light in as possible. Not only have large windows made a comeback in modern interior design, but it is essential to French Romantic Design.

Although you may not live in Provence or even France, you can still be inspired by this design element. By making use of large arched windows, you are able to bring your garden and nature into your home. This allows for a lot more natural light and enhances the color palette of your home.

Arched entryways to your kitchen or dining room are excellent for adding elegance and soft lines into your home design. Arches are a historical design element that remain relevant within modern times - making them ideal for French Country Home Design.

Arched Entryway and Barrel Ceiling Arched entry and a wooden Barrel Ceiling highlight this French country interior

Balcony Rims

French Country Home Design may appear to carry similar traits to  Tuscan Home Design . This is because, geographically, both lie very close to one another. Thus, do not be afraid to draw inspiration from Tuscan homes.

One element of French Design that is inspired by Tuscan home design are  Balcony Rims . These design features add depth, as well as a bit of drama, to your French Country Home. They are all Reminiscent of traditional French design.

Balcony rims are typically found at the top of stairwells, leading into the second layer of rooms in your home. Moreover, these curved structures add an elegant introduction to your home, setting the tone for the rest of your home design.

However, due to the nature of French Country Home Design, make sure your balcony rim is not too dramatic. This may cause it to overshadow the rest of your interior design, throwing off the balance between drama and elegance.

Balcony Rim by Archways and Ceilings Rich wood grain on these archways and Balcony Rim present a warm and inviting French country interior

Create The French Country Home Of Your Dreams

Every house is unique in its own identity. Part of designing your home is understanding the character, nature, and story of your home. By doing this, you’ve already taken your first step towards French Country Home Design.

French Home Design may seem intimidating at first. However, it’s all about capturing the balance between effortless elegance and the beauty of nature so it doesn’t need to be perfect. By incorporating simple design elements, such as arches, you can easily transform your home into a French Country House.

Whether you want a balcony rim or a groin vaulted ceiling, it’s important to get a professional’s advice.   Reach out to a pro at Archways & Ceilings   for advice on how to bring your French Country dream home to life. 

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