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7 Fantastic Ideas to Give You A Spanish Style Home

Spanish style home with groin vaulted ceiling and wooden arched doors This California Spanish style home features a beautiful Groin Vault Ceiling flanked by arched doors and accented with wrought iron details 

Changing your home style to something new is always an exciting adventure. After all, every aspect of your home is a reflection of you.

Spanish home design is warm and welcoming. It finds the perfect balance between nature and elegance. It is a fun way to play with the traditional designs, found in Spain, and can be incorporated with more modern designs and styles to create a beautiful, inviting space.

7 Ways To Add Some Spanish-Style Flair To Your Home

Curves And Arches

You can never go wrong with curves and arches in your home. Spanish-style arches immediately open up your home, bringing in more light and space. Moreover, arches connect back to the history of the Spanish home design and are a cornerstone for all Mediterranean home design.

Spanish arches and curves help distinguish your home from a more modern design, which usually uses straight lines. Arches help add a lean and graceful touch to your home. Whether you want them for your entryways or windows, they are effective throughout your space.

By incorporating arches and curves effectively, you can also add more light and space to your home. A well-placed arched window in your living room or bathroom opens up space immediately.

Spanish style corbel arches Spanish style Corbel arches lead you down this hallway to a Shoulder Flat arch entryway.

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Incorporate Patterned or Painted Tiles

A bold and colorful tile is absolutely reminiscent of any Spanish interior design style. Spanish homes are not only caught up in the larger details, such as the grooves and architectural style. Spanish home design is rounded off by the details! 

Part of this detail is the use of beautiful tiles - whether they are painted or mosaic.

Tiles are a beautiful, decorative element in Spanish-style interior design. They can be used just about anywhere, from the fireplace canopy hood to the stairs and kitchen backsplash. However, you don’t want to overuse them. These tiles are meant to make a statement and not to clutter your home.

For example, if you have a monochromatic kitchen, you could use decorative tiles on your range-hood to add some flair to an otherwise plain space.

Tuscan range hood with spanish-style kitchen tiles Spanish style tile on the backsplash complement a Tuscan Range Hood and custom arched design

Wooden Doors

A large aspect of catching the heart of a Spanish-style home is in its tradition. That means making use of antique or older elements. This is especially important when it comes to the wooden elements in your home, such as the doors.

Your doors are the entryway into your home. They set the tone. By using worn or aged wood, you can immediately add to the Spanish feel of your home. The neutral and toned-down colors of wooden doors also allow other aspects of your home to come to the forefront.

Spanish homes tend to show off the history of the family who lives there, as well as being heavily inspired by nature. This makes using a wooden door an easy solution to add some Spanish style to your home - especially if you can find an antique door. It finds the balance between the personal history of the house as well as bringing in organic elements to heighten the Spanish home style.

Half circle arch entry with arched wooden door   This arched wooden door opens up into a Half Circle arched entryway.

Use Wall Niches To Add Dimension

Wall niches add physical depth to any room you place them in. However, they can add a bit of personal depth as well.

The Spanish-style interior design honors not only its roots but the roots of the family living in the house. The best way to do this is by using wall niches creatively.

Wall niches are commonly found in Spanish home design. This small denture in the wall can be used as a bookshelf, normal shelves, or a space to show off art.

It can be completed with aged wooden shelves to add to the Spanish feel of your home. Then decorate it with small statues, vases, books, or even flea-market finds.

Spanish Corbel Arch with arched wall niche An arched wall niche greets you as you pass under the Corbel arch entry 

Wrought Iron Features 

As we discovered earlier, Spanish home design is not only about the big things. The small things and details matter too - like the material used within your home. Mediterranean home style makes use of wrought iron ornaments features and Spanish homes are no stranger to this design element.

Wrought iron helps to ground your Spanish-style home. This centuries-old trade can be used to round off anything, your staircase, balcony rim , and so forth. You can even choose to make a statement with it and use it as part of your window or door design.

Most homeowners believe that you can only use iron for chandeliers and decorative details. However, we encourage you to think out of the box and use wrought iron railings to truly round off your Spanish home design.

Create A Big, Open Living Space With Vaulted Ceilings

We cannot say this enough. The Spanish-style home is a big fan of open spaces that allow plenty of light and air in. This is why vaulted ceilings are an excellent way to create a Spanish home interior.

A beautiful architectural element to add to the ceilings of your bedrooms, living room, or even kitchen is barrel vaults . These ceilings add movement into your home as well as transforming any space into a Spanish style interior.

Another option is groin vault ceilings . With these ceilings, the flow and curves of your arched entryways and windows will continue into the ceiling. Groin vault ceilings truly round off a space, making it more open while adding a touch of elegance and luxury. This can help you capture the true essence of a Spanish-style home.

Brick-lined barrel vault ceiling in hallway A brick-lined Barrel Vault ceiling with iron chandeliers give off a cozy Spanish vibe

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Make it Organic

Spanish-style homes are rooted in earthy, terracotta hues. They are reminiscent of the warmth and natural environment of the Spanish countryside.

This is why there is such a focus on incorporating natural and organic elements throughout your home. It helps ground the elegant, and sometimes over-the-top, features of a Spanish home while also capturing the essence of Spain.

Final Thoughts On Spanish Style Home Remodeling 

Spanish-style home design is an elegant and beautiful way to bring more warmth and natural elements into your home. Moreover, it incorporates intricate architectural elements, which gives your home more dimension.

Be sure to incorporate some of the above design elements to transform your home into a Spanish-style house! And of course if you need any help choosing an archway, ceiling, or range hood, please don't hesitate to contact us !

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