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Oval Ceiling Domes

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Oval dome ceilings are sure to be a conversation starter with prospective home buyers. Both the profile and the style of the oval dome seem to say: “Look at me and be amazed!” From measuring, to installing, to finishing ideas, we’ll help you learn, design and build oval dome ceilings that’ll keep your clients awe struck.


Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
(High Grade Moisture Resistant)

Dome Tie The oval dome tie will change in size and shape to adequately account for the quantity of rafters and ensure proper spacing along the outer ring.
Purlin Ring Oval dome ceilings larger than 18 foot may require an additional supporting ring, called a purlin ring, that sits atop the rafters and ties into the dome tie for added support.
California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS
Lead Times
Lead Times

Most oval ceiling domes ship within 10 to 14 business days (in most cases sooner).

Order Updates
Order Updates

The next business day following your order, we’ll email you a projected ship date.

When It Ships
When It Ships

Once your order ships, we’ll email (or text) you tracking information.

Easy to Install
Easy to Install

Your oval dome will come with simple instructions making installation a breeze.


Measuring a space for an oval dome is pretty straight forward. It simply consists of: measuring the width, the length, determining if you want a light ring, choosing your style, naming it with a location, and understanding your total height. 

  1. Measure the width, or the shorter side, of your framed rectangle to the nearest 1/8”. 
  2. Measure the length, or the longer side, of your framed rectangle to the nearest 1/8”. 
  3. Determine if you’d like to have a light ring. 
  4. Choose the style of your oval ceiling dome: soft, half-circle or elliptical. Note the height required for the half-circle and elliptical arch styles along with the suggested height of the soft style.  
  5. If you choose the soft style, determine your height. 
  6. Enter the location (place) where the oval dome will be installed in your project (for example: Entry, Study, Dining Rm, #1 Oval Dome).


Choosing a style for your oval dome is mostly personal taste along with the overall design/theme of the home. The style of an oval dome is the unique shape of the dome rafters: soft, half-circle or elliptical. Most of our builders prefer the soft style as it provides the most flexibility in height. When you choose the soft style, we provide you with our suggested height, but you ultimately have the freedom to choose the height you want or are potentially limited to by the pitch of your roof or truss design. In contrast, when you choose either the half-circle or elliptical style, the height is mathematically predetermined given the size of the box and the style you’ve chosen.


Installing an oval dome ceiling simply consists of marking the placement of your outer rings and light rings (if applicable) and then fastening the rings into place. Next you’ll need to set the oval dome tie centered at the total height, which will be detailed on your instructions. Lastly, you’ll need to fasten the rafters to the oval dome tie as marked and to the outer ring as specified in the instructions.


How long does it take to get my oval ceiling dome?

Oval ceiling domes normally take 10 - 14 business days to manufacture (in most cases sooner). Then add a few days for shipping. Plan for 2 1/2 to a little over 3 weeks from date of order.

How do you ship my oval ceiling dome?

Depending upon the size of your oval ceiling dome and/or the size of your total order, it will either ship in boxes via UPS Ground or in a crate via UPS Freight. Once your order has finished processing (usually 1 business day after order), you'll be notified when and how it will ship. If you’d like to know before you order, call us and we’ll let you know.

How do you drywall an oval ceiling dome?

Drywalling a oval ceiling dome is comprised of measuring the curvature, cutting the drywall to the curvature, forming and fastening in place. You can also watch our "How to Drywall a Dome Ceiling" YouTube video.


  • Wetting the back of the drywall (as shown in the video) will make the drywall easier to bend.
  • For a tighter radius, consider using a double layer of either ¼” or ¼” flex drywall.

How do you finish oval ceiling domes?

Drywall, plaster, wood veneer, brick veneer, trim, tile… the list is seemingly endless. Whether you want your oval ceiling dome to have a simple or an ornate finish, the choice is yours. You can also watch our "7 Creative Ideas to Finish Your Ceilings & Archways" YouTube video.

what our customers are saying

We’re a fan of the groin vault kits from Archways & Ceilings. We have been using them for a few years now and the quality and the ‘WOW’ factor their groin vault kits create are well worth the cost. Plus, their customer service is excellent!

Nick Fisher/ Owner

Dream Structures LLC, Springdale, AR

We were absolutely satisfied with our dome ceiling. The service and communication we got from Archways & Ceiling was top notch. We would highly recommend working with them and using their products.

Nuchem Grunhut

Done Right Construction, Monroe, NY

I would highly recommend Archways & Ceilings for coved ceilings. Their kits takes what can be a hard task for a carpenter and makes it into a simple project. The savings over other products we have used like Styrofoam is significant with better durability.

David Hanson

Hanson Carlen, Spokane, WA

Archways & Ceilings does a great job on all of their products. Specifically, we have been using their barrel vaults exclusively since 2009 and the exact precision with which they are made cannot be replicated in the field by traditional stick framing methods. For a truly high-end finish and a shape nothing short of perfection, Archways & Ceilings materials are the way to go.

Les Owens

LRO Residential

Archways & Ceilings is a great company to have as a resource.  We know that when we take on projects that require a variety of arched ceilings, we can count on them to come through.  We recently completed a project that required an elliptical barrel vault that intersected with 6 half circle arches at different heights which they call “Igloos.”  This ceiling came out terrific and came out like the architect spec’d.

Todd Handwerk, President

Calais Custom Homes, Southlake, TX