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1180 E. Sandy Lake Rd.

In our last featured project, we showcased a home with grandiose curves throughout. Today, we’re taking a bit of a different angle. In this Sandy Lake home, we’ll get to take a close look at a few different ceiling styles on a smaller scale. This just proves that you don’t need tons of space or an endless supply of cash to create a masterpiece.

Alternate Ceiling Styles-04240

Different Types of Styles

Barreling Through Ordinary – The curves in this master bath show off one of the simplest ceiling styles: the barrel vault . This narrow vault breaks the monotony of the standard straight-sided ceiling and makes the room just a little more interesting. The barrel vault is just one curve repeated to the end. It’s very uncomplicated yet super stylish.

Creating a Dining Cove – When you want just a little curvature around the room, the cove ceiling is what you need. Of all the ceiling styles, this is probably the most subtle – especially as it’s shown here. No bells and whistles, just simple curves.

Highlighting a Barrel –You can choose virtually any of the ceiling styles to highlight one area of any room. In this case, the builders used a barrel vault to highlight the tub. They even called in an electrician to add some recessed lighting and highlight this space even further.

The Hallway Groin – This hallway was not over looked or made to be your standard cookie cutter hall. Groin vaults often take center stage, but they also work well in small spaces, adding an unexpected pop of interest. The groin vault is made by intersecting two barrel vaults and as you can see, the resulting look is a symmetrical series of curves.

Keeping it Simple

If you want to dress up an opening, eliminate its edges. It’s that simple. Just look at the curved openings in this foyer. These archways add an understated elegance to the entire space. With our kits, getting the perfect radius is a breeze. All we need is a few simple measurements.

When you’re building a new home, you can opt for one standard ceiling or you can get creative and alternate ceiling styles throughout the space. It’s a touch that is often overlooked, but it’s one that can make a huge difference. You’ll notice that in this home, the builder alternated between two ceiling styles and threw in a bunch of curves in the form of archways. The end product is a refined, sophisticated structure that most would be proud to call home.

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