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Dome Ceiling Kit

Are you bored with the same old DIY projects? Faux finishing? Yawn. Refinishing the dining room chairs? Snoozefest. Tile backsplash? Been there, done that. Truthfully, DIY projects can sometimes be fun, but if you want something that’s going to give you the biggest bang for your buck, install a dome ceiling .

dome ceiling kit

Easy Installation with a Professional Look

Say what? Before now, this project was way out of the scope of something any old homeowner would attempt. This job was reserved for master craftsmen. But with our new dome ceiling kit , anyone can install a dome in their home. Anyone can take their space from square to flair in just a short period of time.

Whether you’re working in new construction, or planning a remodel; our dome ceiling kit can adapt to fit your project. You can install them into your attic space or 18” below your current ceiling (the benefit here is that you’ll have zero demolition, so there’s one less step).

Each dome ceiling kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions that make installation a breeze. Don’t believe us? Watch the video above to see an install in action. It starts with some prep work, and then it’s just 3 simple steps:

1. Install the dome ring

2. Set the dome tie

3. Install each dome rafter

Don't Hesitate to Try it Out

It will take some time, but the process really couldn’t be easier. Once the dome kit is installed, it’s time to drywall. Don’t let the curves intimidate you. Drywalling a dome is easier than you might think. We’ve even included a drywall template for the dome on the back of each box. Another trick to make it easy is to use 1/4” drywall because it is more flexible than ½”. To get an even better bend, wet the back of the drywall with a sponge before you install. Once the drywall is installed, it’s time for tape and mud.

Now, your dome kit should really start looking like it’s part of the room. Once it is finished and painted, you can leave it as is or add some designer touches to make it look even more professional. Try adding flexible crown molding around the circumference and installing LED strip lighting behind the molding. The dome will be illuminated and your guests will be green with envy. Finish off your dome ceiling by hanging a chandelier in the center for an extra glow.

dome ceiling kit (13)-32125

dome ceiling kit

Where Should They be Installed?

Install a dome ceiling kit in your entryway for all to see or consider a more subtle location, such as the master bath, kitchen, or breakfast nook. Heck, once you get the hang of installation, you may want to install them everywhere! And why not? Your neighbors will think you spent a fortune hiring the best contractor in town.

Get your very own dome ceiling kit on our website or at your local home improvement store!

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