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5ft Dome Kit


It has never been easier to install a dome ceiling

Sure, the Jones’ installed furniture-grade cabinetry and marble countertops in their recent kitchen remodel, but have you seen their ceilings? Flat, boring...rectangular. Just like everyone else's. So much for keeping up with these guys. You’re more creative than that, right? So, it’s time to transform your home from standard to the envy of the entire neighborhood. It may start with keeping up with the Jones, but you’ve got to take it one step further with a spectacular ceiling. It’s easier than ever to install ceiling domes .

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Our Latest Innovation

You may have heard of our easy-to-install archway kits . Hey, you may have even installed one or two. Imagine that same user-friendly philosophy applied to a ceiling dome, and you’ve got the gist of our latest innovation. That’s right. You can even install these ceiling domes yourself. Renovations can be expensive, but you can save hundreds by doing it yourself.

This brand new 5-foot dome kit was made just for the DIY crowd. By now, you’re probably wondering how it works. Each kit comes equipped with a rafter holster with designated spots for each rafter. They’re already perfectly spaced, so you don’t even have to do any measuring. Just snap each rafter into place and your dome will be perfectly balanced and self-supporting. Check out our video to learn how to install these simple ceiling domes.

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A Little Inspiration

So, what can you do with these ceiling domes? Well, this is where it gets really exciting. With our DIY ceiling domes, you can create architectural works of art like the ones shown below. As you can see, just a little curve can give a room an entirely different look. And you can decorate them to your heart’s content. Add a chandelier in the center or some recessed lighting nearby to accentuate your ceilings newfound curves. Paint a mural or add molding to make it stand out even more. When it comes to design, you’re only limited by your own imagination.

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Location, Location, Location

Now, you’re left with a small dilemma. Where will these ceiling kits go? Actually, they work amazingly well over a kitchen island, but they can be the highlight of almost any other room. Add a dome to an entryway, over a tub in your master bath, or even in a wine cellar. Just ask yourself where you want to make a major impact and that’s where your ceiling domes will go.

As you can see from this gallery of images, adding curves to your home can really transform it form standard to spectacular. And if you want to own the nicest home on the block, curves, like our easy to install ceiling domes, are one surefire way to make it happen.

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Dome Ceiling Kit Information

The new design features slots for easy installation of dome rafters and makes it easier to drywall.

Also included, the oh so easy Dome Tie: Allows rafters to quickly and easily install into the center of the dome.

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Paul Lindo Construction

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