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1816 High Country

When you think of the exciting things in life, you might think about weddings, promotions, and skydiving, but you probably don’t think about ceilings. Actually, when you think of exciting architectural elements, ceilings still may not even pop into your mind. Maybe that’s what makes decorative ceilings so special. They’re like unexpected works of art that transform an otherwise boring space into something extraordinary.

You Won't Want to Look Down!

Some builders just get it. They understand the importance of well-planned decorative ceilings, and when you walk through their homes, so do you. After visiting a home like this, you get into the habit of looking up at all the ceilings you encounter. If you haven’t had the pleasure of entering a home where decorative ceilings abound, don’t worry. We’re going to take a stroll through one right now. 1816 High Country is a home with truly unforgettable decorative ceilings.

The star of 1816 High Country is the barrel vault . Of all the decorative ceilings, the barrel is usually among the simplest in design. It is just one uncomplicated arch that is repeated again and again. However, on this project the Architect took a normal barrel vault and made it unique by combining multiple radii. Take a look at the plans to see how barrel vaults add to the home’s design. The plans shown here feature just one small part of the home, but you’ll spot many curves. The archways that frame the downstairs doorway contrast nicely with the sharp edges of the door itself. But again, the real star of the show is the barrel. This particular barrel vault was placed above the stairway to create an architectural gem that simply can’t be achieved with other types of decorative ceilings.


Decorative Ceilings Make the Home Stunning

In this home, barrel vaults are small and large; symmetrical and asymmetrical; and they play nicely with other types of decorative ceilings. Just look at this barrel ceiling in the foyer that juts up against a groin vault . The groin vault is made with intersecting barrel vaults, so they naturally complement each other.

In the master bathroom, we’ll find this combination once again. Barrel vaults and groin vaults playing off one another to create a dramatic effect.

While we’re looking up at the decorative ceilings, let’s not pass over the other curves used in this stunning home. You’ll see half-circle arches mounted on columns and igloo arches that shorten barrel vaults and provide entry into another section of the home.


Now that you’ve see a home with exceptional decorative ceilings, how do you feel about your own? Maybe it’s time for a ceiling makeover?

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