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Custom Range Hoods

The kitchen is the one room in our homes where we all tend to gather. It’s a universal concept that spans generations and crosses cultures. We love food – and we also seem to feel most comfortable in the room where food is made. It’s an added bonus to be in said room when something yummy is ready to come out of the oven, but that’s another story.

2014 Rendition Luxury (77)

What happens when custom is the norm?

With our collective love of the kitchen has come a challenge for many home designers. Everyone wants their kitchen to be made their way. Not only should everything be bigger and better, but it should also be custom . Custom cabinetry? Well, that’s cool. But everyone on the block has a kitchen with custom cabinets. If you really want to knock clients’ socks off, present a custom range hood . DIY range hoods are gaining in popularity these days, but we can guarantee that you haven’t seen anything like ours. At least, not at our prices.

Your creativity is your only limit

If you can dream it, we can build it. Well, almost. But we really can create custom range hoods in just about any shape you could imagine. We have standard models that you can choose from, or you can send us a CAD of your new concept and we can figure out how to make it happen. Regardless of the design you choose, we can customize your hood to fit your vent hood liner, so even your fanciest design will be fully functional.

Our standard Tuscan hood is simply a basic curve that swoops outward from the wall. It is a great choice for customers who are looking for something subtle yet unique. Another of our standards is the oh-so-popular bell curve model. This custom range hood features two different types of curves. If you are looking to install one of our standard range hoods into your next kitchen project, just let us know. We will send you a CAD for you to fill in your dimensions. Once you send the dimensions back to us, we will get started. Just be ready because once we start, your custom range hood will be delivered to your job-site in two weeks.

Range Hood- Tuscan Mode- Standard


What does a finished range hood look like?

Again, you are mostly just limited to your own creative powers here. We create and deliver the “bones” of the range hood and leave the finishing and design up to you. Trust us, we have some great ideas, but yours are likely better for your project. You can finish the hood with drywall and paint and call it a day, and you’ll still have a breathtaking custom design that will wow your clients. Or, you can add faux paint finishes, decorative trim, or wood and metal elements. Feel free to be creative to create the look that will complete your kitchen masterpiece.


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