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The Grome Ceiling

They said it was impossible; we were crazy; it couldn’t be done. But we showed them. We created a brand new style of decorative ceiling. We created THE GROME.

Once a thing of myth and fable, the grome ceiling combines one groin vault and four half dome ceilings. That’s right: It’s five ceilings in one. And we’ve brought it to life for you!

We’re always looking for new ways to improve our end product and have fun along the way. And in the process, sometimes we create something that sticks. The grome seems to be one of those things. It kind of looks like a four-leaf clover, and it’s about as easy to install as each of its components. So, if you can install a groin vault and a half dome, and most people can, you’re well on your way to creating a grome in your own home.

Installation starts much like it would for installing your standard groin vault – because that’s essentially what you’ll be doing. The half domes will border the groin vault.

Media Rm Groin Vault and 4 half domes called a Grome /> To understand the concept a little better, let’s dissect the individual pieces:
<h3>What is a groin vault?</h3>
To understand the <a href=


To understand the groin vault , you must first understand the barrel vault . The barrel vault is the simplest of our decorative ceilings because it is simply an arc, much like a rainbow, that is repeated throughout the ceiling. Now, imagine taking those individual arcs and intersecting them. You’re left with four curved surfaces that draw the eye to the ceiling’s center.

What are half domes?

Think of a full dome as the hollow upper portion of a sphere. Now, cut that in half and you have a half dome. Half domes aren’t terribly popular on their own, but they are sometimes used against a wall to accent a particular part of a room. They can also be placed in an entryway to create a sort of alcove in a small room. In this way, half domes are often seen in churches above the altar. Half domes are usually framed up into your existing attic space.

Isn’t amazing how they come together to create something entirely different?

Where can you install a grome?

Umm…anywhere? You can install a grome virtually anywhere you have a ceiling. Ideally, the grome will take up some of your attic space and give more space to the room below, but you could build it into the room if that’s what you’re going for.

Grome ceiling

Grome Ceiling

How long would it take to get a grome of my own?

Although we’re rather proud of our baby, we don’t give the grome any special treatment. It’s just like ordering any of our other prefabricated ceiling kits. Place your order online, by email, fax, or phone. Production takes five days, so you can expect that your grome will be on a truck and en route to you within five days after you receive your order confirmation. Installation is also a breeze. If you can manage to use a tape measure and a nail gun, you can install a grome in your home.

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