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Segmental Arch and Decorative Arched Shelves


Steve, one of our clients, sent us a few great pictures of a fantastic job he did installing our segmental arch kit. He even built segmental arch shelving to go above the arched doorways. We enjoyed Steve’s email and photos so much that we decided to share them with you. Sit back and enjoy!

What a beautiful finish!


The email we received from Steve was pretty detailed in the way he used our segmented arch kit to build arches and arched shelving to match.

“I purchased arch frames from your company in May and finally completed the project this weekend. I have 7 of your arch kits and two matching shelves using your frame for the shelf face.”

The following picture shows how Steve used our segmented arch piece to create the front of the shelf. He then created a frame that would attach directly to the wall above the arched doorway.


Steve didn’t stop there with his creativity. He added custom lighting to each arch. Two 300 lumen LED lights were installed on top of the shelf and one in the center on the bottom side. The unique placement of the lights create the appearance of torchlight and provided just the right amount of light for Steve’s high ceilings.


The finishing touches were added by Steve’s wife who loves the new shelving because of the unique appeal and the opportunities for creative décor.


Steve ended the email by telling us how well our segmental arches worked for him. He also recommended that we include pre-built kits to include shelving.

Thank you, Steve, for sharing your photos, story, and recommendations with us!

This is the segmented arch kit that Steve used for his arched doorways and custom decorative arched shelving. As you can see, after you click the link, every arch is custom designed to your specific measurements. We make sure that our kits are ready to be installed when they arrive at your home or job location.

Give us a call at 877-303-2263 if you have any questions about our products or if you would like to share your experiences with us. We’re always happy to see your photos of projects you’ve completed using our kits.

Start Building Your Segmental Arch

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