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3 Unique Ceilings You Haven’t Seen Before


Sometimes our projects even take us by surprise. We definitely do business with some very creative builders that dream up some very cool unique ceilings. We decided to share those projects here with you; with permission from each of the owners of course. The three unique ceilings we’re going to show you is the leaf ceiling, the bell curve barrel vault ceiling, and the 3 domes and a cove ceiling. Let’s get started!

1st Unique Ceiling - The Leaf Ceiling

The photo of the leaf ceiling were provided by Volvie Goldberger. This was a challenging build because we had to replicate the natural curves of a leaf into the ceiling. Here are a couple of photos of the project. This photo shows the leaf 3D design and then installed.


2nd Unique Ceiling - Bell Curve Barrel Vault Ceiling

This project involved combining two of our existing ideas; the bell curve arch and the barrel vaulted ceiling . The client, Moceri Homes, sent pictures during the installation process. This photo shows the installation of the custom curved wood pieces along with how the ceiling looked like after the custom bent drywall was installed. It is sure going to look amazing when finished.


3rd Unique Ceiling - Dome Ceilings and a Cove

This is another project that involved two of our existing ideas; the dome ceiling and the cove ceiling. The two below videos are a quick time-lapse of framing, hanging and taping drywall of this unique ceiling. The ceiling consists of 3 dome ceilings and a cove. The kicker on this job, the customer wanted bell curved shaped rafters ( S Shape) vs the standard single radius rafters. Here's the first time-lapse video showing you how this ceiling was installed.

Here's how this crazy cool unique ceiling was drywalled.

And this is the image after completion of this truly unique custom ceiling.


Unique Custom Ceilings

See? Your ceiling does not have to conform to any type of norm. If you want peaks and valleys, we’ll work with you to create peaks and valleys. If you want something 100% uniquely yours, we will work with you to make that happen. Call us to discuss your crazy ceiling ideas and we’ll schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Start Building Your Unique Ceiling

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