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Fireplace Canopy

Is your home design feeling a little straight and boring? Are you tired of looking at 90-degree angles everywhere you turn? Boy, do we have the solution for you. Let’s spice things up with some hot curves!

Fireplace Canopy- Bell Curve (2)edit-64451

Did you know that you don’t need a traditional mantle for your fireplace?

If you like the look, that’s great. Keep it as is. But if you’re looking to heat things up a bit, consider a fireplace canopy . Our most popular model is a bell curve that extends from the mantle and disappears into the wall. But there are so many things you can do creatively with this idea. You can completely eliminate any edges or you can work with a combination of straight edges and curves, which is always nice. If you are interested in the fireplace canopy, let us know and we’ll get the process started for you. We can customize your fireplace canopy to any curvature.

Fireplace Canopy- Bell Curve (5)edit-64451

What does a finished fireplace canopy look like?

That is a great question, but the answer relies heavily on your own creativity. We can show you what an installed kit looks like, and then you are free to add your own creative flair to the finish. You can finish it with drywall and call it a day (still a great look), or you can add things like decorative trim, faux paint finishes, wood or metal. Feel free to get fancy!


I’m confused. This isn’t a ceiling….

You probably already know us as the Archways and Ceilings guys. It’s what we do, and if we may say so, we do it rather well (we don’t consider it bragging as much as it is evidence of our 20+ years of experience in this business). But, we can also turn just about any sharp angle into a curved edge. And if we’re being honest, it’s our absolute favorite thing to do. We love when clients come to us with creative ideas for new projects like this one. It helps keep us inspired and innovating. So, if you have an idea for adding a curve to your home design that does not seem to exist, let us know. We’d be happy to brainstorm some ideas and help you make your project come to life.

How can I order one?

We can make a fireplace canopy to your specs on any virtual design. As long as it is curved, we can do it! If you want to install one of our most popular types, the bell curve design, ordering is easy. Just contact us to let us know you’re interested and we’ll send you a CAD sheet. From there, you fill in your dimensions and send the sheet back to us. Then, we’ll get started on creating your fireplace canopy. It’ll only take five days, so get ready. Your custom fireplace canopy will be arriving soon!

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