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Rendition Luxury Homes

Many builders claim to specialize in custom-designed homes, but their portfolios tell another story. But the sheer attention to detail that you’ll find in one of Rendition Luxury’s projects summarizes why they have been building homes in the Dallas Fort Worth market for more than 60 years. When you’re looking for true luxury, you’ll need a partner that is committed to exceeding expectations in every facet of the process, from concept to construction. If you’re planning to build the home of your dreams in the Westlake, Texas area, Rendition Luxury Homes is that partner. > High Country-55-20334

You Dream It, They Perfect It

The best in the industry understand that the process starts with a vision, and that vision most often comes from the soon-to-be homeowner. That’s why Rendition Luxury Homes places such emphasis on communication. When the ideas flow freely from both sides, the results are nothing short of breathtaking. It all begins with communication. Here’s what the planning process looks like: 1. Planning sessions – Clients sit with architects and consultants to ensure that their ideas are incorporated into the design in the best way possible. This is where design and functionality come together to create something amazing. 2. Recommendations – The Rendition Luxury Homes team reviews the plans and makes recommendations on things like design, appliances, materials, and fixtures. In this step, the finer details are nailed down in an effort to clarify the client’s vision. 3. Documentation – After the details are ironed out, they must be documented. Now is when the home finishes, including interior and exterior details, are documented. 4. Price Estimation – How much will the home of your dreams cost? With Rendition Luxury Homes, you’ll know upfront. And with such a detailed planning process, you can expect an extremely accurate quote.

Building a Dream

How does one go about building a dream? Well, if you ask the folks at Rendition Luxury Homes, you’ll likely get a very detailed explanation of the process. Because this is what they do every day. Once the details are finalized with the client, Rendition Luxury Homes matches the right trade partner for the project. With the budget and plan in place, it’s time for a pre-construction meeting with the client to discuss expectations and clarify requirements. In order to keep clients informed and involved, Rendition Luxury Homes assigns a dedicated project manager to work as an intermediary on the client’s behalf and provide the client with weekly updates. The project manager oversees all facets of the process for his clients, and they couldn’t be in more capable hands. With extensive experience with multimillion-dollar projects and impressive residential construction knowledge, this role is the client’s most valuable asset in the process. With full back-office support, the team ensures that your entire building process is efficient and meets the superior standards you can expect from a Rendition LUXURY home. With over 60 years of home-building experience, it is clear that Rendition Luxury Homes is a reputable partner who builds relationships as strong as the foundations of these exquisite homes.> High Country-12-82597 > High Country-25-82597

Rendition Luxury Homes and ACME

Here at Archways and Ceilings Made Easy (ACME), we’re proud to say that we have contributed to more than one Rendition Luxury Homes project. Let’s explore some examples that illustrate not only how impressive Rendition Luxury Homes truly is, but also to show how well our prefabricated kits work in these luxury homes. There are many examples of impressive craftsmanship and creative ceiling design in this High Country home. Just one look at the groin vault in the foyer and you’ll be clamoring to see what surprises await you in the remaining rooms. > Rendition-12-44705

Crafted Curves

As you can see, curves are an important part of this home’s design, from the pillar-supported archways to the elliptical barrel alcove beneath the masterfully crafted stairway. The jaws really drop when entering the master bath, though. The faux finish of this triple groin vault complements the stone flooring and counter tops of this massive powder room to create a look that exudes luxury. > High Country-35-20334 And the curves don’t stop there. The elliptical arches above the stove in the kitchen play off of the hard lines of the decorative hood vent to create a look with visual interest and old world charm (See Kitchen picture above).

What Makes Your Dream Home?

Now that we have had a chance to take a tour through this one-of-a-kind luxury home, you should be better acquainted with the quality that Rendition Luxury Homes is capable of delivering. The next step is to get started on a dream home of your very own. It may not look anything like the High Country home we have just explored, and that’s perfectly fine. We have worked with Rendition Luxury Homes long enough to know that they can deliver and expand upon virtually any home-related dream you may have – and exceed your expectations at the same time. And now that you have had a chance to see how our groin vaults , barrel vaults , and archways accent an already stunning home, we hope that you’ll consider adding some curves to your next dream project. For more information on Rendition Luxury Homes click here to visit their website .>
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