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Jeff Click Homes

What makes someone noteworthy? The answer is so simple that it may surprise you. It’s all about exceeding expectations. Make no mistake about it, though. This does not happen by chance or some stroke of random luck. It is purposeful, passionate, and most importantly… planned .

Jeff Click

I have had the privilege of working with Jeff Click for several years, and in that time, it quickly became apparent that he and his companies are in the business of noteworthy . After getting to know Jeff, it became obvious that his homes personify his core values. These homes are oozing with innovation and leave customers with nothing but fond memories of a remarkable journey; a journey that led them to the home of their dreams. How did they get there? Well, it wasn’t with a builder who’s in the habit of playing it safe. Most builders build homes that look and feel like every other home save for a slight change in floor plan. They add the bare necessities, just enough to keep up with their competition, but their homes lack imagination. That’s playing it safe. Fortunately, there are still a few builders out there with imagination. Jeff Click is one of those builders. Actually, he is one of the only builders of new homes in Oklahoma City and Edmond who is building modern and contemporary homes worthy of attention and acclaim.


Building Outside the Box

You might be wondering why he would bother. If everyone else does the same thing, why not just join them? Well, Jeff saw an untapped niche market and dove in with both feet. He listened to his customers and friends, and saw an opportunity to build something outside the box that would give him an edge over his competition. As you can imagine, such dedication has paid off in spades. In fact, he was awarded the 2012 COHBA Parade of Homes Best Decorating Winner. Jeff’s newest line of homes, the Urbana Series, changes Oklahoma’s unwritten rules of home design. These homes step away from ordinary and say hello to modern. Feast your eyes on some new, contemporary Jeff Click designs. Don’t worry, they’re still packed with the same award-winning style and attention to detail that comes standard with this builder’s homes.


Just one look at the door to this master bedroom and you’ll see that the standard rules do not apply to Jeff Click Homes. When other doors swing, this one slides. When other homes zig, Jeff Click Homes zag.

Jeff's Past

Maybe his fresh perspective came from his early entry into the field. He started Jeff Click Homes in 1998 at the young age of 22. Since then, Jeff Click Homes has been responsible for more than 300 architectural works of art in Edmond and Oklahoma City. In ten short years, the company went from humble beginnings to being voted as the “Best New Home Builder – North” in The Oklahoman’s Readers Choice Awards in 2009 and 2010. The awards don’t stop there, though. Jeff Click designs have also been recipients of Best Overall Design, Best Kitchen, and Best Decorating Parade of Homes awards, among many others. When you look at some of his inspired modern and contemporary designs, you might think Jeff Click was born and raised where modern design is more the norm, like NYC or LA, but he’s actually an OKC native. That’s right. He graduated from Putnam City North, then Oklahoma Baptist University where he was honored with the “Graduate of the Last Decade” award. It’s clear from his portfolio that Jeff brings a fresh, modern perspective with a bold sense of style that is present in each and every home he designs.


Jeff brings more than just quality and style to the table, though. With an extensive background in technology, he has become well-known in the industry as an expert high-tech home builder. You’ll see glimmers of his tech side in every home he builds, but you may also find Jeff’s high-tech home building advice featured in print and television. In 2009, Jeff served as the President of Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association (COHBA), which is a professional organization with more than 1,400 active members. Now, Jeff serves as Vice President of the Executive Committee of the Oklahoma State Home Builders Association, and he has his sights on presidency for 2013. Early on in this feature, you may have been wondering how someone could be in the business of noteworthy . Now it should be clear. It takes hard work, dedication, and a lot of planning to exceed expectations. I am honored to be one of his suppliers!



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