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Calais Custom Homes

Have you ever been to a castle that looks exactly like another? Of course not. So, when you want to think of your home as your castle, you’re going to want to choose more than just counter-tops and appliances. The cookie-cutter approach may work for some, but it’s just not going to cut it for you. In a case like this, there’s no better partner than Calais Custom Homes. These builders specialize in premium quality custom homes, and they’ve built their reputation for excellence by giving the same level of attention to the small details as they do to the big stuff. As they say, the devil is in the details, and no one understands this better than Calais. > 1100_PostOak_CalaisCustomHomes-46-26279

Where It All Began

Calais Custom Homes was founded by Todd Handwerk in 1986, and he has taken an active part of every project since that very first day. After graduating from Texas A&M with a degree in Construction Management and achieving Certified Master Builder status, Todd rolled up his sleeves and began designing, managing, and sometimes even selling, superior structures through Calais Custom Homes. This former president of the National Association of Home Builders’ Builder Twenty Club is no stranger to acclaim, either. His projects have been written up in magazines ranging from Builder/Architect to Professional Builder and have even won a Grand Award in the Spring Tour of Homes. > 1100_PostOak_CalaisCustomHomes-40-33431

Calais Custom Homes Stands Out From the Rest

As you probably know, not every builder we work with makes it into our builder spotlight. They really have to stand apart from everyone else. They have to be unique. So, you’re probably wondering what makes these guys so special. Well, wonder no more. To ensure the highest level of quality possible, Calais Custom Homes is a bit selective about its clientele. They have to be. Otherwise, they might not be able to devote the time and attention to create unique masterpieces instead of simple homes. These builders understand that each and every home they produce is a representation of Calais Custom quality, and that’s not something they take lightly. That’s why they make it their mission to exceed expectations every single time. It’s not simply about the customer’s happiness; it’s about their unbridled excitement. You’ve probably gathered that we think this builder is pretty amazing, but you don’t have to take our word for it. As they say, the proof is in the pudding and we’ve got a healthy serving in store for you today.

Home Spotlight: 1100 Post Oak

> 1100_PostOak_CalaisCustomHomes-21-40089 It may not be the Palace of Versailles, but you’ve got to admit that this home looks an awful lot like a place that would house modern-day royalty. From the stately stone portico to the creative use of half-circle and elliptical arches, this home is truly one-of-a-kind. It’s the kind of exterior that leaves you yearning to know what’s inside. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the interior. If you want your ceilings to make a statement, a groin vault is a good choice. That’s probably why Todd decided to install a series of our groin vault kits in this home. The groin vaults in the hallway offer an unexpected pop of style, while the master bathroom is home to a groin vault of more grandiose proportion. All are stunning, but they contribute to the overall design of the space in different ways. But while we’re still looking at this awe-inspiring master bath, let’s not forget to mention the well-placed elliptical arch in the entryway. > IMG_7299-40089 From the master bath, let’s pass under that elliptical archway into the master bedroom, shall we? Here, we’ll find a great example of how a coved ceiling can give the illusion of having more space in a room. From half-circle doorways to softly arched entryways, it’s obvious that Todd had fun playing with lines and curves when he built 1100 Post Oak. Although we care an awful lot about ceilings and archways (no surprises here), we also have to tip our hats to some other unique spaces. With a luxurious kitchen, magnificent media room, a cozy wine cellar, and an inviting courtyard, it is clear that Calais Custom Homes sought and found perfection in every inch of this home. > IMG_0266-07792 For more information visit: Calais Custom Homes
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