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Home Creations

A home doesn’t have to be custom to be magnificent. Home Creations proves this over and over again. These builders specialize in designing and building production homes for first-time home buyers in Oklahoma. But Home Creations homes are quite different from what you would expect of your standard production home. > Elevations5-64969 Since 1981, Jalal and Mohammad Farzaneh have dedicated their lives to creating homes that have the look and feel of custom without the hefty price tag. These homes offer the latest in amenities, design, and location, which is why so many Oklahoma residents are proud to say they live in a Home Creations home.

Commitment, Dedication, and Excellence

Each home is a representation of Home Creations’ commitment to perfection. So naturally, these builders look at each project as an opportunity to reaffirm their status as Oklahoma’s premier new home builders. And their dedication shows. Whether in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, or Lawton, Home Creations’ pursuit of excellence remains the same. For Jalal and Mohammad, the process is about more than just building homes. It’s about building strong communities. That’s why they often donate to area non-profits, such as United Way, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Rebuilding Together of Cleveland County, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Fraternal Order of Police, Tinker Air Force Base, and numerous schools, sports teams, and religious groups. It’s a long list, but each of these organizations provides a unique service to the community, and that makes the investment worthwhile for the Farzaneh brothers. > 271420_10151004472586856_1203765863_o-11617

Home Creations’ Accomplishments

We’d like to be able to list all of Home Creations’ accomplishments, but we’d likely be here all day. So, let’s just take a look at some of the highlights:

> ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year 2011 – This acknowledgement marks a long-time commitment to providing 100% EnergyStar qualified homes throughout the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metro areas, and Lawton.

> #1 Local Leader of Builders in Oklahoma – With nearly 400 closings and a market share of 11% in 2010, Home Creations was the clear leader.

> #56 of 100 America’s Biggest Builders – 2010 was a banner year for Home Creations. In addition to being the top local leader in Oklahoma, they also ranked 56 in the top 100 builders in the country.

> #105 Professional Builder Housing Giants – Continuing with the momentum of 2010, this builder ranked just outside the top 100 in the country on HousingZone’s Housing Giants list.

WOW! Those are some accomplishments. And as you can imagine, these awards aren’t given out to just anyone. Well, neither are our builder spotlights, so you know these guys are pretty special.

The History Behind Home Creations

It all began in 1978 when brothers Jalal and Mohammad came from Iran to Norman to study architecture at the University of Oklahoma. It was meant to be a temporary move, but with a revolution brewing in their home country, they decided to make their stay more permanent. Thirty five years later, these brothers are more at home in Oklahoma than anywhere in the world. In 1981, fresh out of college, they started a building business that would give them the practical experience they would need to dominate the production housing market in their selected areas. Early on, they learned that it’s not enough to just provide solid construction. When you’re building homes, style and design are also extremely important. Little details that you might only expect to find in the most expensive homes are just some of the ways these builders add panache to each project. Here at Archways and Ceilings Made Easy, we’re proud to say that our archway and ceiling kits are one of these builders’ go-to tools for adding custom-quality aesthetics to their homes. It’s not the only tool in their arsenal, but it’s a good one (if you ask us, anyway). > 393201_10150400149471856_268407134_n-64969 This formula for success is what has helped Home Creations thrive despite changing market conditions, keeping 100 plus people employed and close to 500 contractors working in the field. The Farzaneh brothers have always understood that it is the community that supports the business’s success, and that’s why they’ve dedicated so much time and effort to acknowledging this fact. For these reasons and more, a Home Creations home is an extraordinary home. So next time you are in Oklahoma, stop by and check out one of their developments! For more information visit: Home Creations
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