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LRO Residential

To some people, traditions are still important. These people gladly honor the presence of those who have come before them because they understand that it was exactly those people who have paved the way for us all today. No one knows this better than LRO Residential. As a third-generation home builder, Les Owens, president of LRO Residential, pays tribute to his lineage with finely crafted homes: solid construction with traditional accents like wood beams, vaulted ceilings, wide-planked oak flooring, and furniture-grade cabinetry.

LRO Residential- 5711 Greenbrier (6)-05147

A Tribute to the Past

LRO Residential projects are exactly the kind of homes you would expect to see in Dallas’s well-established neighborhoods. The homes may be new, but they are built with the same fine workmanship used in the days when building a quality home from the ground up was a point of pride. In those days, homes were built to last many generations. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of many new construction projects today. But, LRO’s homes are a delightful exception to that rule.

LRO Residential- 5711 Greenbrier (1)-43534

LRO Residential- 5711 Greenbrier (2)-84173

LRO Residential- 5711 Greenbrier (5)-72415

A Nod to the Future

Although LRO Residential builders are proud of the traditional style and quality they produce, they aren’t completely averse to change, especially when that change can help improve upon something that is already pretty amazing. This is evident in their commitment to energy efficient green building. Each and every home is Energy Star Certified. Every home is HERS index rated, inspected, and documented through a 3 rd party independent energy inspector. LRO Residential is a registered member of the Green Built North Texas arm of the Greater Dallas Association of Homebuilders. These builders are firmly planted in areas with rich pasts, but more than anything, LRO looks forward to the future of each of its homes. So, if you’re looking for a high-quality new home in Devonshire, Briarwood, or Park Cities, consider working with the best.

Fine Quality

Traditional homes aren’t flashy. They aren’t garish. They are simply and subtly beautiful. They’re warm and welcoming. Traditional homes are built for family living. Just take a look at LRO’s Greenbriar home and you’ll see exactly what we mean. The bright pathway, double-door entry, and cheerful exterior invite you to enter this homey space. You can almost smell the hot apple pie warming on the kitchen windowsill. And, what a kitchen!

LRO’s Greenbriar Home

Throughout this home, you’ll notice some very subtle details that make it stand out from the pack. From a large groin vault in the entryway to exposed wooden beams in the great room, you can clearly see that a great deal of thought went into the design of this spectacular living space. Custom-made bookshelves, recessed lighting, and archways galore; these accents work together to create a vibe that is rich but inviting at the same time. There’s just something about an archway that makes you want to enter the room. Maybe it’s the absence of those pesky corners, but the curves create an awfully charming look.

LRO Residential- 5711 Greenbrier (4)-46871

The Greenbriar home is just one example of the fine workmanship that LRO Residential delivers with every single home they build. They truly go above and beyond industry standards to create unique and masterfully built homes, and that’s why they’ve made it into our Builder’s Spotlight. We’ve worked with LRO on many projects and can say with all honesty that they are true professionals. That’s probably why they’ve been mentioned on D Magazine’s Best Home Builders list for three years in a row. The bottom line is this: If you want to purchase a new home in Devonshire, Briarwood, or Park Cities, a home that can be passed down from generation to generation while still keeping its integrity, LRO is the way to go. For more information visit: LRO Residential

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