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What Can You Do With Preformed Arches?

The introduction of preformed arches has opened a world of opportunity for homeowners and DIYers. What can you do with them? Read on to find out…


What Can You Do With Preformed Arches?

In the past 30 years, technology has changed our lives in ways we would have previously thought to be impossible. Now, it’s commonplace to have friends who live around the world because communication has become so streamlined. But telecommunications is not the only industry making great strides. Not by a long shot. Just take a look at building and construction. Twenty years ago, if you wanted to install a dome ceiling, you were in for a MAJOR project. Today, homeowners are popping domes up into their attic rafters in their spare time – thanks to preformed arches. So, let’s take a look at what we can do with these arches.

Preformed-Arches-Dome Preformed-Arches-Elliptical Preformed-Arches-Half-Circle

How about an elliptical archway?

Don’t worry; this isn’t a space for your elliptical machine. It’s more like two arches that meet in the center of an entryway and are connected by a straight line. These preformed arches allow you to add a little curvaceous flair to an entryway without losing much of the open space.

Have you considered a half-circle arch ?

Half circles are the preformed arches of choice for those who are looking to make a real statement. These arches are exactly as they sound: A half of a circle. If you were to install a half-circle and create a mirror image, guess what you’d get? That’s right; a full circle. These preformed arches will add value to your home, but that’s not usually why people install them. Those who install half-circle arches do so because they’re just plain tired of the boring, straight-edged entryways.

You may want to consider soft arches for a subtle touch.

If you’re just looking to soften the edges of your entryway, you may want to consider a soft arch. Soft arches are also known as eyebrow arches for obvious reasons. These premade arches are popular among builders because they work well with all header heights, low or high.

Get creative with a stepped style.

When you install one of our standard premade arches, you have the option to dress it up even more. Instead of the standard installation, you can add a step. By raising the installed arch from the wall with simple 2x4 blocks, you will create a Spanish or Mediterranean look that will make it seem as if you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on the construction. In reality, your premade arches cost under $20.

Preformed-Arches-Soft Preformed-Arches-Stepped Preformed-Arches-Alcove

Use any of the preformed arches above to create an alcove.

Who said arches had to be reserved for wall openings and entryways? Not us. Feel free to inset your preformed arches into a wall to create an alcove for a bookshelf, painting or light fixture. There’s no better way to jazz up an otherwise empty wall. Just imagine a spotlight on your favorite painting inside an elliptical arch. Instant masterpiece!

As you can tell, preformed arches are extremely versatile, and they can work with virtually any architectural style. After installing your own, feel free to snap a photo and send it our way. We love to see all the creative ways our customers install our arches.


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