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Interior Arch

Upgrade your entryways with an interior arch

When you’re designing a home, you’ll quickly notice that you’re faced with more decisions than you’ve ever made in your life, or so it seems. From flooring to appliances and light fixtures, it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. You begin feeling like you’ve somehow stepped into an alternate universe where one decision only leads to five more that need to be made.

Well, not to throw another wrench into your day, but we’ve got one more for you. Before the drywall is up, you should decide whether to add an interior arch or two into your home. Not every home has them, but that’s part of the appeal. So, think long and hard about this one before you install that drywall. Here are three reasons to add an interior arch; just to help get those wheels in motion.

3 Reasons to Add an Interior Arch to Your Home’s Design

An interior arch will add value to your home – Everyone knows that cosmetic improvements will increase the value of your home. Install a state-of-the-art kitchen and you can increase your home’s value by about 62 percent. Replace windows and you can do the same. But in the face of such major projects, people often overlook the little details. Sure, an interior arch won’t increase the value of your home by 60 or even 40 percent, but it’s a low cost way to add cosmetic appeal to your home.

Interior arches can add importance to otherwise boring entryways. Image the entryway in a standard home. It’s probably not much more than just an open space. But, when you add a well-placed interior arch, that open space is transformed into something spectacular. The arch in this photo illustrates that arches don’t always need to be installed directly against the room’s walls. You’ll notice a step between this interior arch that only adds interest to the room. Goodbye boring entryways and hello to architectural masterpieces.

Installing an interior arch is easy. With our prefabricated arch kits, you don’t have to know the first thing about building an arch. You just need to take three simple measurements and order. Once your archway arrives, you’ll see what a cinch it is to install. You should be handy with tools, but as long as you can work with a nail gun, you’ll be fine. Every archway is shipped with detailed installation instructions.

Okay, so now that you’ve made your decision (pro interior arch, we hope), it’s time to take your measurements. If you’re worried about dry-walling an arch, take a look at our video library for a peek at how simple it can be. It’s very similar to installing standard drywall, but it does require some bending. It’s not hard, we promise. And it’ll all be worthwhile when you can sit back and enjoy the curved entryway of your new dream home.

Customize Your Interior Arch

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