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The Makings of a Gothic Arch

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Gothic arch – and more

It’s easy to see why the Gothic arch was so popular. It would instantly transform a space from ordinary to stylish – especially if medieval style is your thing. But what is a gothic arch, anyway?

Well, it’s pretty simple. A gothic arch is an arch that is pointed; it’s formed of two arcing segments. It’s kind of like a standard rectangle that was pinched at the top. This cool arch didn’t just spring up from nowhere, though. It actually evolved from the Roman arch, which is similar, but rounded at the top instead of pointed.

In the early days, only master craftsmen could produce the Gothic arch, and it was done with just a few tools and compasses. Quinto acuto is the name that was given to this classic arch, and it literally means pointed fifth. The name comes from the fact that the arcs equal about 4/5 of the span of the entire arch. Another popular gothic arch used in medieval times is the recto. This arch was essentially square from the bottom up to where the arc began. You’ll still see this style used in church windows today. Then, finally, there was the double span, which is the tallest type of Gothic arch you can install.

Possibly the most well-known gothic arches in existence today can be found at the Reims Cathedral in Notre-Dame de Reims. Here, the arches are repeated many times to span the length of a long passageway. It’s quite a sight to behold.

But the Gothic arch isn’t just a relic from medieval times. Actually, there are many examples of it used in modern architecture. It can be found in homes throughout the country, in office buildings, churches and even movie theaters. So, why should you care about this particular piece of medieval architecture? Well, if you’d like to add a gothic arch or five to your home, it’s entirely possible. It’s even affordable. Just as we make easy-to-install archways and ceiling kits, we also make prefabricated Gothic arches to fit your dimensions.

So, if you want to inset a gothic arch into the wall strictly for its aesthetics, we can help. If you want to create a passageway in your home similar to the one found at Reims Cathedral, we can help with that too. Just give us three simple measurements and you’ll be well on your way to adding medieval touches of your own to your home.

Draw some inspiration from our design gallery, and then come up with your own unique ideas for your space. If it’s an arch (or even an arc), we can create it for you.

Construct Your Gothic Archway

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