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12 Amazing Decorative Ceilings of 2015

12 Decorative Ceilings of 2015 As 2016 quickly approaches, take a stroll with us as we revisit the myriad of pictures we've collected throughout the year and showcase the most amazing decorative ceilings of 2015. From entryways, living rooms, kitchens, master bathrooms, hallways, dining rooms or media rooms; well placed decorative ceilings can add the WOW factor that most homes seem to lack. You've heard of curb appeal, the moment your client pulls up to your home and decides within 30 seconds if they could live with the exterior elevation. But have you heard of curve appeal? If you haven't, welcome to your crash course.

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Entry Decorative Ceilings

In our opinion, there isn't a better place to add decorative ceilings, then to an entryway. If you've passed the curb appeal test, and your potential clients have entered your home, then what better way to keep the momentum going with an amazing entryway that will leave them speechless.

Our 1st amazing decorative ceiling has to be this barrel to groin vault ceiling. Wow!  I think this is the only thing that can be said about this entryway.

entry groin vault decorative ceiling Our 2nd amazing decorative ceiling is this entry dome ceiling kit. What's so amazing about this kit, is that can be added to a project as an after thought.  As you can see, this dome ceiling was installed in the entryway under the existing drywall. Having trouble selling one of your homes, maybe adding a dome ceiling in the entry will give you the needed curve appeal to sell the home.

drywall a decorative dome ceiling

Living Room Decorative Ceilings

In our opinion, the next best place, to add decorative ceilings is in the living room. Why you ask? Because it is normally the largest room in the house with the most foot traffic. This is where most families spend most of their time. So, why not show off?

Our 3rd amazing decorative ceiling is this grome ceiling. What is a grome ceiling?  This is a combination of 1 groin vault and 4 dome ceiling halves.  The name grome is a mashup of the words groin and dome. While the name lacks originality, you might've also heard this ceiling called clover or quatrefoil.  Either way, this ceiling definitely packs in the WOW factor.

decorative grome ceiling framing kit

Our 4th amazing decorative ceiling is this omega astroid curve ceiling. Think of this as ceiling etching or as an advanced alternative to a coffered ceiling but with complex radii. It adds a very simple yet elegant touch. Now imagine if you had your trim carpenter trim this out... ohhh the possibilities.

living room omega astroid decorative ceiling

Kitchen Decorative Ceilings

Where to next?  Why not the kitchen. Our 5th amazing decorative ceiling is this very unique astroid curve with cove ceiling. This is sure to be a conversation starter with friends and family. I can almost hear it now, "Wow, what is... that's awesome!"

astroid curve ceiling construction

Our 6th amazing decorative ceiling is this elongated dome ceiling in the kitchen. What do you do when you want to add a dome ceiling but your room is rectangular? You choose an elongated dome ceiling. This ceiling has a racetrack profile that can be extended to perfectly fit any rectangular space.

kitchen elongated decorative ceiling

Master Bathroom Decorative Ceilings

It's been said that the average person spends 30 minutes in the bathroom daily.  This is slightly more than 182 hours per year. With that being said, we're seeing more and more home builders adding decorative ceilings to the master bathroom. It makes sense, who wouldn't want to get ready in these master bathrooms? I know I wouldn't mind. Our 7th amazing decorative ceiling is this groin vault ceiling with barrel extensions.

master bath groin vault

Our 8th amazing decorative ceiling is a cloister vault with co-joining barrel over the half-circle window. This is going to be one sweet looking master bathroom.

cloister vault construction

Gallery Hall Decorative Ceilings

Don't forget about galleries and hallways. They always a great place to add decorative ceilings. Our 9th amazing decorative ceiling is this entry groin vault gallery.

groin vault ceiling framing

Our 10th amazing decorative ceiling is this bedroom barrel ceiling hallway with a half groin vault to redirect the barrel down the T-shaped hallway.

barrel ceiling framing

Dining Room Decorative Ceilings

The dining room is another popular place to add decorative ceilings. Our 11th amazing decorative ceiling is this dining room oval dome ceiling. Don't miss the elliptical shaped rafters and the inner light ring. The inner light ring is an option we give for all of our dome ceilings, which gives you the ability to back light the dome ceiling with LED or rope lighting.

framing an oval dome decorative ceiling

Media Room Decorative Ceilings

Our 12th and last amazing decorative ceiling of 2015 is this media room cove to reverse cove ceiling.  What a great way to add a bit of flair along with a secondary lighting element to a media room.

decorative cove ceiling framing

Well that's it for the 12 amazing decorative ceilings of 2015. Are you ready to add one of these ceilings to your projects? Give us a call or send us your plans!

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