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Inspiration for adding barrel arches to your home

Our arch kits are made to your specs every time, so they do vary a bit. But, more or less, a barrel arch is a barrel arch. Barrel arches are made from a series of perfect curves that are repeated for as long as you’d like to repeat them. It can be done over an entire ceiling or just a small portion. Where it gets interesting is what our builders and designers do with these arches. There are so many options available that you’re really just limited to your own creativity. So, get your creative juices flowing and take a look at how you can incorporate barrel arches into your home in just three easy steps.

3 Steps to Amazing Barrel Arches

  1. Order. This project began as most do, with a quote. The builder provided us with measurements for the barrel arches he wanted to see in this home. Well, that’s how it began for us. For him, it began with a vision. He first decided where the arches will be installed and how they’ll be designed. Then, he measured and placed his order.
  2. Installation. Five days after the order is placed, we begin loading the completed barrel arches onto a truck. Our arches are so easy to install that even a DIY’er can do it with ease. You can just imagine how easy it the process is for a seasoned professional. Those guys rarely even need our easy-to-follow instructions, but we include them with every shipment anyway.
  3. Drywall. Here, you can see what an almost finished barrel arch looks like. The contractor for this project used flexible drywall (which we always recommend) and completed the job in record time. From here, taping and compounding was done, and then the vault was ready for its creative touches. From this job, you can clearly see how barrel arches can be used to help brighten up a room.
Now that the barrel arches are installed, it’s time to bring in the creative heavy hitters. This is just one example of what can be done with our arches, but feel free to put your own personal spin on your installation. Barrel arches such as this one are often installed in media rooms because, by nature, they raise the ceiling and provide a theater-like experience. The dark color painted on this soft arch is meant to absorb both light and sound, making for a better viewing experience. This arch was installed in a very traditional media room, so rich mahogany and intricately carved oak seem appropriate.

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