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Archways & Ceilings Mission Statement

We exist to provide custom buil t archway and ceiling kits to our customers that simplify the construction process quickly, easily, and affordably . To ensure the quality of our products and the on-time delivery of them to the jobsite. To exceed all customer expectations through excellent customer service . To create an environment of creativity and constant improvement by soliciting feedback and by being attentive to our customer’s needs. Committed to protecting the environment, health and safety of our employees, customers and our community. To continue to lead our industry and live up to our title of curved framing experts! To be a proud USA manufacturer.

Our Mission Statement in more detail.

What do we mean by custom built ?

We build every archway and ceiling kit to our customer’s measurements instead of supplying standard sizes that can be modified on site. Yes, we are different than the rest of our industry. We have spent considerable time, resources, and money to be efficient, remain cost effective, and to become an easy solution to the age old problem of out-of-round and crooked archways and ceilings.

By custom building archways and ceilings to our customer’s measurements, they do not have to worry about moving walls, lowering headers, furring down soffits, or any other headaches, to accommodate for a standardized archway or ceiling. This ensures that the finished product will look natural and not like a last minute addition that doesn't quite fit the style of the home. > Custom-Built-Archways-Ceilings Sending us your measurements so we can custom build your archway and ceiling kits is incredibly easy. You can watch our “How to Measure” videos or print our “How to Measure” instructional sheets. Remember, we have made it easy. All it takes is getting us a few pieces of information. Don’t forget, you can always email us your plans or give us a call.

In order to make our products as affordable as they are, we take special care in developing our manufacturing technologies. The key is that we construct our manufacturing equipment with the capabilities of making an arch or ceiling segment with any curvature, length or depth possible. And by engineering the ability to quickly transition the equipment between these different custom sizes, we can produce completely custom sized products in a production time frame. What does this mean to you? You get a completely custom built product for the price of a production made standard sized product. Although if you’re going by the prices of our competitors, then our custom built archways and ceilings cost at least 35% less then their standard sized products. It’s no wonder why we've been the most successful business in this industry since 1988.

What do we mean by quickly, easily, & affordably ?

How quick? All of our products on average save our customers about 10 times the amount of time they would have spent building them traditionally. For example, if you were to frame a 3’-0” archway it would take you roughly 30 minutes to build, but with us it would take you less than 3 minutes.

How easy? All of our products come with easy to understand instructions. We also have videos to help you every step of the way. The bottom line, very little construction experience is needed to install our products. We have taken the once complicated groin vault ceiling and have simplified it to the point where if you can paint by number and work a nail gun, then chances are good that you could install.

How affordable? When you consider the time, skill, and the steps from start to finish for any curved archway or ceiling then you will be glad to know that we will save you a minimum of 35%. Furthermore, you can be confident that you will get a high quality finish. > Quick-Easily-Affordably

What do we mean by on-time delivery ?

We understand that time is money, and we work to the best of our ability to keep our customers on their time schedule. We state that it normally takes us 3 to 5 days to produce archway or ceiling kits. However, more times often than not, we are much quicker. If we have to put in a little overtime, then consider it done.

What do we mean by excellent customer service ?

We are easy to get a hold of whether by phone, email, fax or web. We don’t have long drawn out phone trees and are prompt in replying to emails and faxes. We treat each customer uniquely along with their project. We strive to be responsive, attentive, understanding, friendly, on time, polite, respectful, and unafraid to ask questions. Since we have a strong belief in the products we sell, we don’t mind sharing information and ideas. In fact we encourage feedback. We would love to hear where we could improve. > Customer-Service

What do we mean by creativity and constant improvement ?

We are creative to the point that we pride ourselves on being out in front when it comes to new creative ideas whether it be product development, operations, sales, or marketing. We strive for new ideas and ways to create a more successful business by attending weekly business meetings to monitor progress, to assign new tasks, bounce new ideas of each other, but most importantly to focus and make sure we are living up to our mission.

What do we mean by committed to protecting the environment, health and safety of our employees, customers and our community ?

We are committed to using eco certified raw materials to build our archway and ceiling kits. We value the health and safety of our employees by investing in wood working machinery that protects our employees’ health and safety (SawStop, Horizontal Panel Saws, CNC Routers). We donate lumber, OSB & Plywood to the Habitat for Humanity.

What do we mean by proud USA manufacturer?

We love the USA and pride ourselves in that we meet the FTC’s guidelines when using the “Made in the USA” claim. All significant parts, processing, and labor that go into our archway and ceiling kits are made in America. We purchase our raw materials from USA mills and adhesive manufacturers. We process and design all jobs domestically. We hire local labor near our three plants across the nation (Dallas / Ft Worth, TX – Orange County, CA – Atlanta, GA). We truly are a USA “Made in the USA” manufacturer. > made-in-the-USA

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