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Keep Those Creative Ceilings in Mind

Building a home is all about creativity, so don’t let an inch of it go to waste. Check out these creative ceilings for some inspiration.

Creative-Ceilings With Archways & Ceilings

Building or designing a home from scratch takes a lot of creativity. There are so many things that need your attention that it’s easy to just go on autopilot. Most people know they have to be creative when it comes to things like picking out hardware and window styles. These are the common choices. They’re the ones that you see in interior design magazines and even in the aisles of your favorite home improvement store. But where are the creative ceilings ? How come they seem to get slighted?

Maybe it’s because creative ceilings come in so many different shapes and sizes. It would really be impossible to show them all, although we do make a good effort on this blog. Heck, we’re going to make a good effort in this post. So, let’s get started!

Creative Kitchen Ceiling With A Barrel Vault

Barrel Vault In Kitchen

As you can see, this barrel vault forms an arc that curves right around the range hood. Creative ceilings usually have more than one structural element, and this one is no exception. The barrel vault in this kitchen definitely helped add the feeling of spaciousness while allowing for a much bigger window than a traditional flat ceiling. 

A Spectacular Triple Groin Vault Ceiling

Triple Groin Vault

The next design gets even bolder. This triple groin vault is a breathtaking ceiling that is a prime example of creativity. Imagine your guest's faces when they walk into this magnificent ceiling! When groin vault ceilings are put together like this, they create a pretty spectacular effect – and installation couldn’t be easier. You can read more about this project on our triple groin vault featured project page

An Elongated Dome Ceiling Makes This Great Room....Great! 

Elongated Dome Ceiling In A Great Room

Okay, so the thing about creative ceilings having more than one element, well, it sort of goes out the window with this one. This massive elongated dome ceiling speaks for itself. It doesn’t need any additional curves. This one has it all taken care of. Just imagine how grandiose this great room will be when the drywall is up.

Octagonal Groin Vaults For The Win!

Octagonal Groin Vault

Here is one of our favorite creative ceilings. This octagonal groin vault proves that nothing is impossible. This is a custom-made design that takes multiple groin vaults and pieces them together to create a dramatic and completely original look. We can't wait to see this design come to life!

Curves Within Curves Take Creative Ceilings To A New Level 

Custom Dome Ceiling

Much like the octagonal groin vault, this creative ceiling is a complete custom job. We have some amazing pre-made kits that customers love, but sometimes, we meet a customer whose imagination is far greater than anything in existence. And then, we get the opportunity to create an architectural masterpiece such as this. The drooping chandelier creates new and interesting curves within a curve, and it offers a great deal of visual appeal. Creative ceilings don't have to be complex. Just change one thing, and it's a new look.

Break From The Norm With A Suspended Radius Ceiling

Suspended Radius Ceiling

Now that we’ve covered creative ceilings that include some of the basics, let's move on to creative ceilings that are a bit more intricate. We have barrel vaults, groin vaults, and domes, but this creative ceiling breaks the mold! Here we have a suspended radius ceiling that was as fun to create as it is to look at. You may notice that the contractors are about to install recessed light fixtures within this awesome radius. That's a good call because a creative ceiling of this magnitude deserves to be illuminated.

Create Your Own Custom Ceiling With Us!

As you can clearly see, creative ceilings can’t easily fit into one mold. Even though we have a plethora of pre-defined ceilings to choose from, sometimes we have to create an entirely new design depending on what the client wants. Below you'll find a few examples of where we actually invented a new ceiling name based on the idea presented to us. So let your imagination run wild and we'll help you bring that ceiling dream to life!

An Igloo Ceiling Was Born

Igloo Ceilings

You may have trouble identifying this one because it isn't a standard ceiling type. This creative ceiling was requested by one of our customers, and we have since called it the Igloo Ceiling for obvious reasons (it looks like an igloo ceiling). To create this look, we combined a barrel vault with an archway. Igloo ceilings, as we now call them, are perfect for cutting out space in a full barrel ceiling for a window or an entryway. And as you can see here, they also add a unique decorative element.

What happens when you combine a Cove Ceiling and a Barrel Vault?

Cloister Vault

The design you're looking at here is one of our new creative ceilings that we now call a Cloister Vault. This was made by combining a cove ceiling and a barrel vault, creating a separation between the barrel and the wall. For more pictures of a cloister vault, check out our cloister vault photo gallery .

Get Creative With A Grome Ceiling

Grome Ceiling

Last but not least, is the Grome Ceiling . This is another of our favorites. The grome, as you might suspect, is a combination of a groin vault and a dome ceiling. It's somewhat reminiscent of a clover, isn't it? These creative ceilings are meant to show you that you don't have to be limited to our prefab kits. If you're looking for something with a little more pizzazz, just let us know. We can build anything you can imagine.

Find Your Creative Ceiling Design With Archways & Ceilings

Among those who appreciate fine architecture, everyone seems to have their favorite design element. One person may see an old estate with towering Corinthian pillars and get all giddy, while another looks for cornices decked out with medallions and dentils. Us? We're pretty big fans of creative ceilings, but you probably could have guessed that. In our business, we have the opportunity to see all kinds of ceilings, but while they're all great in their own way, some  creative ceilings  stand out from the rest.

Let this post serve as an inspiration, so the next time you’re building a home, get creative with every aspect. Go ahead and pick out those French windows and that marble tile, but just don’t forget about the creative ceilings.

Create Your Perfect Ceiling

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