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Keep Those Creative Ceilings in Mind

Building a home is all about creativity, so don’t let an inch of it go to waste. Check out these creative ceilings for some inspiration.

Building or designing a home from scratch takes a lot of creativity. There are so many things that need your attention that it’s easy to just go on autopilot. Most people know they have to be creative when it comes to things like picking out hardware and window styles. These are the common choices. They’re the ones that you see in interior design magazines and even in the aisles of your favorite home improvement store. But where are the creative ceilings? How come they seem to get slighted?

Maybe it’s because creative ceilings come in so many different shapes and sizes. It would really be impossible to show them all, although we do make a good effort on this blog. Heck, we’re going to make a good effort in this post. So, let’s get the ball rolling with a bare barrel vault.


As you can see, this barrel vault forms an arc that curves right around the outside window. Creative ceilings usually have more than one structural element, and this one is no exception. On either side of the barrel, you’ll notice a perfectly placed igloo arch (named as such for obvious reasons).

The next design gets even bolder. This groin vault is accented by a cove, so it seems to sit lower than the rest of the ceiling. That’s unusual because creative ceilings are normally set to appear higher than the remaining ceiling. This designer obviously wanted to make an impact.

Okay, so the thing about creative ceilings having more than one element, well, it sort of goes out the window with this one. This massive elliptical dome speaks for itself. It doesn’t need any additional curves. This one has it all taken care of. Just imagine how grandiose this entryway will seem when the drywall is up.


Now we’ve covered creative ceilings that include some of the basics. We have groin vaults, coves, domes and barrels. But this creative ceiling breaks the mold. What do you get when you artfully arrange arches to create your own masterpiece of a ceiling? Take a look above and find out.

As you can clearly see, creative ceilings can’t easily fit into one mold. So, they won’t be lining the shelves of your hardware store any time soon. You will, however, see them in many interior design catalogs if you start to look. They may not be as prominently featured as the ad space for luxury hardware, but they’re there nonetheless.

Let this post serve as a reminder to you. The next time you’re building a home, get creative with every aspect. Go ahead and pick out those French windows and that marble tile, but just don’t forget about the creative ceilings.

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