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Stunning Ceiling Designs That Will Wow Your Guests

Many of us end up overlooking our ceiling designs, even though the ceiling can be an integral part when it comes to adding some pizazz to your home. It may be that you're worried about costs or have no idea where to start. So, you end up with a common ceiling design that leaves your space looking flat and dull.

Here at Archways and Ceilings we know that the process can be a daunting one, and that’s why we’re here to help. We want to make boring ceilings a thing of the past! So, keep reading to discover 5 incredible and unique ceiling design ideas. These are guaranteed to make your home the talk of the town!

A Cross Vault is a very unique ceiling design
The Cross Vault is a unique ceiling design that's sure to wow your neighbors - by Archways & Ceilings

5 Incredible Ideas For Ceiling Designs To Make Your Home Stand Out

You don’t have to embark on a complete renovation of your home or break the bank to make your ceiling stand out. There are so many different ceiling designs to accommodate all your needs. So now let your imagination run wild while we present some sweet alternatives to those flat  popcorn ceilings

Now let's take a look at some ceiling designs that are bound to make your home stand out!

A Show-Stopping Ceiling Design

Every ceiling isn't meant to be a showstopper. But doesn't your home deserve at least one ? A show-stopping ceiling is more than just your average uncommon ceiling design. It's a ceiling that your guests can't help but talk about – as soon as they enter the room. You'll know you have one when your ceiling is the first topic of conversation every single time a new person enters your home. 

Creating a show-stopping ceiling is not as difficult as you may think. With our help, you'll be able to capture the attention of the room with an elaborate ceiling design in no time. Perhaps one with deep curved lines and extensive detail? Some ceiling options that will give you that show stopper look include Dome Ceilings  and Cross Vault Ceilings .

Think outside the box a bit here, though. Our kits look amazing on their own, but with slight installation tweaks or additions, you can really create a masterpiece.

Now that you have permanently changed the structure of your ceiling, you can have fun with the face-value cosmetic changes, such as paint and molding. 

Adding Dimension To Your Ceiling

Ceiling designs aren’t only used to make a room more spacious. They can also make a massive space cozier and more intimate. You can achieve this with the use of a drop-down ceiling design.

Usually, the ceilings are installed into the attic space to open up the room. But with the drop-down style, you can use prefabricated kits that add dimension to a room without adding to its volume.

Some ceiling designs that work well to achieve the drop-down effect are the vaulted ceilings - like the  Cloister Vault or  Groin Vault ceilings, or even a  Grome Ceiling .

The Cloister Vault ceiling arches toward the center from a constant spring point along the wall. So, there's no need to make the room even bigger by entering into attic space. The ceiling can start at a lower point in the room to make it cozier. The same goes for the groin vault ceiling.

A Grome Ceiling with a beautiful lighting fixture like a chandelier can also have this effect. The Grome is a combination of Dome and Groin Vault ceilings so it’s the perfect way to add dimension and use up some extra room space with a spectacular design.

Cloister vault in the foyer is a unique ceiling design
A beautiful Cloister Vault in the foyer - by Archways & Ceilings

A Whole New Look

Sometimes, a small change can make a room look like an entirely different space. For this ceiling design idea, you want a simple ceiling design that spans the length and width of the entire room. This creates a subtle, yet impactful, difference to a room as it doesn’t have a single focal point that draws attention.

Here are some examples:

Barrel Vault

Barrel Vault can change your room from ordinary to looking like it was plucked out of a Tuscan villa. This ceiling design is one continuous archway spanning the entire room. Often found in hallways, this is the type of design that is a focal point all on its own.

entryway barrel vault ceiling design ideas
A magnificent Barrel Vault is hard to miss in this entryway - by Archways & Ceilings

Groin Vault

Groin Vault  can make your space feel like it belongs in a medieval castle. This ceiling design is a subtle beauty. It's the perfect design to span the width and length of a room and give the space a bold, strong atmosphere.

This design is also suited to both large and small spaces. With the drop-down effect, you can create a more intimate space, while popping it up in the attic space can give the room more height for a truly grand effect.

Wood grain finished groin vault extending to barrel vault ceiling design
This beautiful wood-finished Groin Vault extends to the wall with a Barrel Vault - by Archways & Ceilings

Cove Ceiling 

This is a cost-effective, simple design that can transform the entire room. Despite its simplicity, the rounding effect from wall to the ceiling will no doubt get your guests talking.

Plus, by installing a  Cove Ceiling , you can avoid expensive molding. This ceiling design makes a statement all on its own.

Double coved ceiling design in dining room
This double Coved Ceiling with a unique finish creates a unique dining room - by Archways & Ceilings

An Elegant Statement

Nothing says elegance quite like a high ceiling and beautiful curved lines.

For something simple and elegant, consider our Dome Ceiling or Elongated Dome ceiling kits. This type of ceiling design adds height and a sense of grandeur to any room in your house. But, its curved lines and round shape do so tastefully and elegantly

Dome Ceilings are a perfect design to add a focal point in a bedroom, living space, or kitchen.

Popular Dome Ceiling Designs
Dome Ceilings are a popular ceiling design throughout the home - by Archways & Ceilings

If you’re looking for a little more detail, then perhaps the Grome Ceiling is for you . It can create a sophisticated statement in a room with its curved lines. It gives you the best of both worlds: detail and height. Hang a gorgeous chandelier from the center and you’ve got yourself a beautiful focal point for your space.

The Modern Wow-Factor

Wanting to create a more modern space? No problem. You can’t go wrong with our  Radius Ceilings . It adds detail and a beautiful modern flair.

The Radius Ceiling design is simple and works well to create a modern look. It also doesn’t have to only be round. Radius Ceilings can be all kinds of shapes including circular, oval-shaped, and even rectangular.

Popular Radius Ceiling Designs
The versatility of Radius Ceilings allow for myriad unique ceiling designs - by Archways & Ceilings

Types of Ceiling Design Finishes

Your ceiling finish will complete the whole look. You may want to keep colors and textures simple with a more detailed design.

Or, with a simple design like a Dome Ceiling, you may want to add an eye-catching light fixture to finish it off. You could even paint a stunning design or use a bold color to turn the ceiling design into a work of art!

If you want a more rustic look, consider a ceiling design with wood - like a barrel vault ceiling. This is perfect for creating that farmhouse-style atmosphere.

For something clean and simple, you may want a drywall ceiling finish. It is cost-effective, easy to install, and you can paint over it at any time. 

Check out this video with some awesome finishes used in our ceiling designs.

Final Thoughts on Amazing Ceiling Designs

Life is too short to be stuck with a common ceiling that doesn't spark joy . While the process may seem daunting at first, our affordable ceiling kits make it easy for you to create a statement ceiling in virtually any room in your home. So, consider adding one of these beautiful ceiling designs and you’ll have all your guests talking!

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