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4 Ceiling Design Ideas to Cure the Common Ceiling

Unlike the common cold, there is a cure for the common ceiling. It starts with inspiring ceiling design concepts. Here are 4 to get you started.


Have you recently been diagnosed with Common Ceilingitus? At its worst, Common Ceilingitus can lead to a fear of being stuck home alone ...and can you blame the afflicted? The act of looking up is supposed to be, well, uplifting, but with a flat, dreary view, it's nothing more than blah.

If these symptoms sound familiar to you, don't be too alarmed. It's a condition that almost everyone faces at one point in their lives. And, it's completely curable. Phew, right? All you need to start down the path to home wellness is a few amazing ceiling design ideas.

You see, your home is like an extension of yourself. If you're living in a home that is a mess and in dire need of repair, it's easy to become depressed. Well, if your home is less-than fabulous, how do you think that will affect your own personal fabulocity?

If you're ready to embark on the short road to recovery, read on as we explore some awesome ceiling design ideas that will surely cure even the worst case of Common Ceilingitus. But first, let's explore the common ceiling in greater detail. Your home may be “infected,” and you may not know it.

What is a Common Ceiling?

A common ceiling may not be as easy to identify as you might think. This household pest may sit next to fancy molding or hide under a coat of vibrant paint to disguise itself. But don't be fooled. If your ceiling is completely flat without any contour, you have a common ceiling. It can be bright orange with purple stripes, and it still won't measure up to the level of ceiling design that your home so desperately deserves.

Simple cosmetic changes will make the ceiling stand out, for sure, but if that's all you do, you still don't have an amazing ceiling. You just have amazing paint, or molding.

Now, without further ado, let's explore 4 ceiling design concepts that are sure to “Wow” everyone who enters your home (and banish your Common Ceilingitus for good).

The Showstopper

Every ceiling isn't meant to be a showstopper. But doesn't your home deserve at least one? This showstopping ceiling is more than just your average uncommon ceiling design. It's a ceiling that your guests can't help but talk about – as soon as they enter the room. You'll know you have one when your ceiling is the first topic of conversation every single time a new person enters your home.

Creating a showstopping ceiling design isn't as difficult as you might think. It can easily be done with one of our dome or groin vault kits and a little creativity. Think outside the box a bit here, though. Our kits look amazing on their own, but with slight installation tweaks or additions, you can really create a masterpiece.

Now that you have permanently changed the structure of your ceiling, you can have fun with the face-value cosmetic changes, such as paint and molding.


The Divine Drop Down

Our kits are often pictured after they have been installed into attic space, which is great for opening up your room and making it feel larger. But what if your room is already massive? High ceilings can make a space feel disproportionate, and sometimes even impersonal. With a little creative ceiling design, you can use our prefabricated kits to add dimension to your room without adding to its volume.

This type of ceiling fixture can really work wonders in a grandiose room, but be careful about using this method in tight spaces or your room will end up feeling cramped. Not only should you have high ceilings to pull off a diving drop down, but you must also have ample square footage.


The Room Changer

Regardless of how they are installed, any of our ceiling kits will cure the common ceiling. But for maximum impact, install a kit (or series of kits) that spans the length and width of the room. A barrel vault can change your room from ordinary to looking like it was plucked out of a Tuscan villa. A groin vault can make your space feel like it belongs in a medieval castle. A cove ceiling on its own can have more of a subtle impact, keeping your design as is, but making the room feel larger.


Feeling Better Yet?

If not, don't fret. Sometimes, these things take time. When you see a ceiling design that speaks to you, you'll know you're on your way to curing Common Ceilingitus. If you haven't had that “aha” moment just yet, take a look through our ceiling design gallery. Trust us, your just moments away from your moment.

And, of course, if your condition needs a more urgent remedy, feel free to give us a call. Our “Ceiling Doctors” are on staff and ready to help solve all your ceiling design problems. We haven't met a case of Common Ceilingitus that we can't cure.


Cure Your Ceilingitis

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