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A Dome Ceiling Remodel with Almar Building & Remodeling

We recently had the opportunity to work with a team of professionals from Almar Building & Remodeling located in Hanover, MA. Their client wanted to incorporate a Dome Ceiling in the master bedroom and that's when we stepped in.

Dome Ceilings are a wonderful feature to add if you're looking to spice up your home design, or if you're considering selling and want to WOW your prospective home buyers. What promises to be an instant conversation starter can also be customized to your measurements. 

Almar Construction Master Bedroom Dome Ceiling Remodel

"When our client came to us with the idea of wanting to install a flat ceiling with a Dome in their Master Bedroom ceiling that was already vaulted 15' we were not sure what was the best way to frame the structure. I had talked with people who had used a 'hanging plaster' system, but were very unhappy with it and as the home settled the plaster cracked. After doing some research on the internet, we found Archways and Ceilings. The online videos and instructions were a great help and we decided to use them for this project. We sized up and ordered the kit with the help of their sales staff. They helped us design and make sure that everything would fit into the room perfectly.

Our carpenters thought that the kit was great and easy to use. And the Dome Kit was very affordable and got our homeowner the awesome Master Bedroom ceiling they wanted without breaking the bank. The ceiling Dome kit with a light ring was great and with the LED lighting and Flexible crown molding it was a great looking finished ceiling!"

~Craig Guido
Almar Building and Remodeling

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The Dome Ceiling Framing Process

Since the bedroom ceilings were already vaulted, installing the dome ceiling framing kit was a straightforward process.

Almar Dome Ceiling Remodel Framing

Almar Remodel Dome Ceiling Framing Side View

Finished Dome Ceiling With Light Ring 

Dome Ceiling kits are available with optional light rings. 

Almar Remodel Bedroom Domed Ceiling Finished

Almar Construction Domed Ceiling Remodel

Every Dome Ceiling kit comes with tailored installation instructions to your specifications. It's as simple as measuring and marking the placement of each ring, hanging your dome tie, and then nailing the dome rafters in place. If you can color by number and operate a nail gun, then you can install one of our dome ceilings!

For more information on how Dome Ceilings are constructed, check out the The Basics of Come Construction article.

If you're looking for some Dome Ceiling design inspiration, don't miss the Dome Ceiling Photo Gallery !

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