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The Basics of Dome Construction

Dome Ceiling construction doesn’t have to be difficult

A well-placed dome can draw attention to the area of the room you want to feature most. Put it above the bathtub, dining room or even the bed and you’ll notice that the eye is instantly drawn to that space. So, it’s no wonder so many people are incorporating domes into new construction. But, how is it done? It seems like it would be a complicated process, but you may be surprised at how easy it can be.

Ceiling Dome Construction

Choose a spot for your dome construction

It’s time to break out the home plans and start working a dome into your design. It could be a small dome or a large one. It can go in the entryway or in the bathroom. The choice is completely yours. If you really can’t decide, why not opt for a few?

Decide whether you want a light ring

Inner light rings offer a way to add an indirect light to your domed ceiling, but they do take away from the finished opening by about 1 foot. Keep this in mind when measuring because you may want to add a foot to your rough opening. You’re almost on your way to the dome construction part of the process.

Light Ring for dome ceiling construction

Measure away

After you know where your dome will go and whether you want a light ring, it’s time to measure. Dome construction cannot begin until you have the proper measurements, but don’t worry; it’s easy. Actually, you only need one measurement to get you on your way to dome construction: The box opening. When you’re boxing out the area for the dome, keep in mind that your region may have coding requirements that need to be met.

Now, you get to choose how domed your ceiling will be. A half circle rise is more extreme than the soft rise. It doesn’t make a difference in construction, but it will create a different look. The images shown here are of a soft rise.

It’s dome construction time

Once you get us your measurements and choices, we’ll get to work building your dome. Your order will ship within five days of when it was placed, so you can expect it to arrive at your job site before too long. Now is a good time to get acquainted with the installation process. You can do this by browsing the manuals and how-to videos on our website.

drywall your dome ceiling

Adding Drywall to your dome ceiling

Once the dome construction is completed and the dome is installed, it’s time to drywall. The process is slightly more complicated than drywall installation on a flat wall, but have no fear. We’ve got how-to videos for that too. The trick is to use flexible drywall and cut it into triangular shapes. It’s all outlined in the video.

How to drywall a dome ceiling

A dome ceiling kit saves you time and money

Dome construction used to be an extremely labor intensive and time consuming process, but our kits have made it easy and inexpensive, so you can add that wow factor to your home at a fraction of the cost. 

Get Started With A Dome Ceiling Kits

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