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Why is it important to brand yourself?

Every day, we see hundreds of logos on the internet, billboards, businesses, automobiles, over the bathroom stalls, well basically everywhere. So what is so important about logos and branding? Well, when I think of a name brand several things come to mind: identity, familiarity, & values.


Take a look at these logos: What comes to mind?

Notice anything familiar about most of these logos? Many of you who take a glance recognize logos like Subway, Home Depot, Lowes, NASCAR, etc. All this from just a glance! If you take a second look, you will notice I changed the logos to include the Archways & Ceilings name. This is how strong name brand identity is. Even though the Archways & Ceilings name was changed to match the logos of these other companies we have a tendency to associate these logos with the present companies. Not to mention, we can easily identify what products or services they supply. Logos are an important tool to transmit a key message to your customers about who you are, what you stand for and the value of your products. It is a unique way to tell the world what you do.


As a consumer I find it very important to be familiar with brands. For example, when I am driving down the road looking for something to eat I immediately start evaluating the familiar restaurants and associate the type of food with that restaurant. Every once in awhile when I see a restaurant chain with which I am not very familiar, I find that I am less likely to visit this establishment because I am unfamiliar with the food, the service, and what the company is all about. I don’t know if they have a low restaurant score or if they use poor quality products to make their food. Instead, I am like a moth to a flame, I see the glowing golden arches in the distance and I find myself sitting in the drive thru of McDonalds. Why? Because I know what to expect! So more often than not when people are looking for a restaurant, want to go shopping, or want to visit a certain location, they are always going to gravitate to what is familiar

Values: Looking at a few brands like Home Depot, Harley Davidson, Lowes, Wal-Mart and so forth I instantly grasp the core values of these companies. Their brand says it all; Great prices, quality products, customer service, etc. Having a brand that shouts out to the consumer the values of a company is very important because it allows them to connect and share with potential customers. Not to mention it holds them accountable for living up to these expectations.

So why is Branding important to Archways & Ceilings Made Easy? >

Well, the next time you look at our logo, we want you to identify that we manufacture Archways & Ceilings. We make wood framing kits for Dome Ceilings, Groin Vaults, Cove Ceilings, Barrel vaults and Archways. Not only do we manufacture archway and ceiling framing products, but our product catch phrase, “Made Easy” is central to our message because our products make your job easy! That’s right. We take the “hard” out of the complex. We had the “Easy Button” before Staple's did! We are an established company with a trusted name with strong business values based on great quality products, customer service that is there every step of the way and great competitive prices. So the next time you see our logo- you will grasp all of this in a split second. Archways and Ceilings Made Easy – a great brand!

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