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Deep Ellum Brewing

deep ellum brewery Work Hard! Play Hard! What can we say, we love building cool framing kits for our customers, but we also love to unwind with a good beer. If you had a chance to look at our team page, did you notice the theme? YEP, we're all wearing beer t-shirts. So, as winter draws near and several projects are coming to a close, we wanted to celebrate together as team. The idea of having a traditional corporate office lunch party in the park where you can bring your family lasted 2 seconds. Instead, by unanimous decision, we decided that we're going to Deep Ellum Brewing Company. But won't our wives and kids be disappointed? Sorry honey we're under the gun and have to work late tonight. No, for those of us with wives and kids, they get it, they know their men need a guys night out.

As beer lovers, while we don't mind the occasional light beer (we understand that it has it's place), we much prefer craft beer. What got us fired up about Deep Ellum Brewing Co. in Dallas, TX was their motto.

"Enough of watching big, corporate breweries pumping out the same old dull, watered-down stuff, slapping a different label on it, and telling you that you have choices. ENOUGH OF BAD BEER." - Deep Ellum Brewing Co.

deep ellum brewery These guys take beer to the extreme. As a team, we intuitively understood this as we take archways, ceilings and wall designs to the extreme. If they have the same reflective passion with beer, then game on.

For all those over anxious people with sticks up their asses, we rented a party bus that took us both to and from Deep Ellum Brewing Company. We drink responsibly.

At the end of the night, the beer was great and the brewery tour was top notch. If you're in Deep Ellum (Dallas, TX), we highly recommend dropping by and visiting our new friends at Deep Ellum Brewing Company .

deep ellum brewery

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