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We have the "Made Easy" button for Curved Framing Kits!

Why are we EASY?

So how did we get the “Made Easy” in Archways & Ceilings Made Easy? Simple! We are Easy on your wallet, Easy to quote and order, Easy to Ship, and Easy to Install. Now that’s a lot of Easy!!


How are we easy on the wallet?

All of our products from groin vaults, dome ceilings, barrel vaults, cove ceilings and archways are priced competitively. We can manufacture a perfect archway or arched ceiling more affordably compared to you building it onsite. We are able to do this because of our technology and ability to bend wood. Don’t believe me? Here are a few examples. You can get a 3’ archway for less then $20, a 6’ dome for less then $330, a 6’ groin vault for less then $410 and your average size dining room with a cove ceiling for less then $220. Now you do the math! Building these archways or arched ceilings onsite would have cost considerably more (not to mention you may not get the perfect finished product we guarantee).

Why are we easy to quote and order?

We offer 4 methods to quote and order your project. 1st- Simply input the measurements online and receive an instant quote at your fingertips. 2nd- Fax your dimensions to us. 3rd Email us your dimensions. 4th – Call our customer service line (877-303-2263) to get a quote within a few minutes.

From there it is as easy as clicking your mouse or making a simple phone call to place your order. Not to mention, the best part about ordering is that our products are custom made to fit your exact measurements. That’s right, your measurements! No need to frame to specific standard size, simply measure your framing dimensions, get us the measurements and we will handle the rest. >

How are we easy to ship?

All of our products on average are shipped within 5 business days from receiving your order. Our products are either shipped FedEx or LTL depending on the size of the order and customers can track their shipments online to see when there product will arrive. Yep! That’s it. We make shipping easy. >

How easy are our products to install?

If you can hold a nail gun and use a measuring tape then you are experienced enough to install our framing kits. All of our products such as groin vaults, dome ceilings, barrel vaults, cove ceilings and archways have full colored step by step instructions enclosed with each product. Also, our “How To” videos can be watched on our website . Still don’t think it’s easy to install? Well, on average a 3’ archway can be installed in less then 2 minutes, a 6’ dome will install in less then 30 minutes, a 6’ groin will install in less the 45 minutes and your typical cove ceiling in a dining room installs in less then 45 minutes! Now that’s easy and fast! Usually installed in a tenth of the time compared to building onsite. For example, if you were to build a typical dome ceiling, not only would the materials be more expensive then our kit, but expect to give your average framer a day or two to frame. Not to mention, there is no guarantee that onsite framing will be anywhere near as perfect as our archway and ceiling kits!

All of our products are affordable and guaranteed to be perfect every time!

Now that’s why we got the MADE EASY in Archways & Ceilings Made Easy.

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