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The Ultimate Media Room- A Domed Ceiling and Multiple Groin Vaults

Brian Hugghins with H. Customs called me up one afternoon looking to add a little flare to his current media room. He mentioned he had recently began rennovating his current media room to ultimately change it into a showroom for his future clients.


Brian then mentioned he wanted a jaw opener! I quickly replied, "We can do that!" Well, Brian and I immediately began pushing ideas back and forth until he finally decided on creating a domed ceiling for the main sitting area and a double groin vault for the entrance. Due to the configuration of the room, we ended up making the domed ceiling elongated in shape to help occupy the rectangle shaped ceiling. Hence the domed ceiling for a rectangle is called an, "Elongated dome."

Note: An Elongated Dome is created when you cut a dome in half and put a barrel vault in between each domed half. Once we nailed down the design and dimensions, Brian pulled the trigger on the project. We began making the ceiling kits and delivered them 5 days later at his house.

"SSSShhhheeeww! Brian the hard part is done! We delivered your kits!!!" I jokingly stated.

With a CAD and detailed instructions we began installation of the 2 different ceilings. After4 hours of easy labor we were done! All that was left was to sheetrock and paint! We were Done.

A few weeks later we checked in with Brian to see how things were coming along and all I remember hearing was "You have to check this out!!!"

- so here are the pictures for you to check out! and I will second Brian's statment. "You have to check this out!"

*For more information about Brian Hugghins or H Customs Audio.Video visit

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