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Types of Vaulted Ceilings

Barrel, Groin and Dome Vaulted Ceilings each create their own jaw-dropping effect.

If you want to build a remarkable home, you need to incorporate at least one ceiling that does more than just hold the walls up. You need a ceiling that will make a statement; a ceiling that will contribute to the room’s design instead of just being part of the background. If you’re looking for the most impact, you’re looking for a vaulted ceiling.

Sure, you could get fancy with crown molding or tray ceilings if you want to create an interesting room. But, you don’t want create a room that’s just interesting, do you? Let’s get back to remarkable. Let’s get to those vaulted ceilings. barrel-vaulted-ceilings (1)

Barrel Vaulted Ceilings

Barrel vaulted ceilings are actually quite simple in design. They just consist of one arch that is repeated throughout the entire length of the room. They can be painted with an ornate design to jazz things up even further, or they can be left alone for a simple, elegant look. Barrel vaults are perfect for hallways because they give off the feel of walking through a tunnel. They also work well in media rooms and entryways.

Customize Your Barrel Vault


Groin Vaulted Ceilings

A groin vaulted ceiling is made up of two intersecting barrel vaults. It’s also called a cross vault for obvious reasons. It’s more complicated to build than a barrel vault, but it creates a more impactful presentation. If you’re looking for something over-the-top to “wow” your homeowners, it’s the groin vault. Like the barrel vault, groin vaults are popular for entryways and hallways, but they’re also commonly used in master bedrooms and high-end kitchens.

Construct Your Groin Vault


Dome Vaulted Ceiling

Dome vaults are popular in master bathrooms and studies. The name pretty much explains exactly what this vault looks like. It is a dome that is recessed into your standard ceiling. It’s also popular in entryways and other small spaces because it can give the appearance that the entire ceiling is domed. Although it’s possible to create a completely domed ceiling, it becomes very challenging as the rooms get bigger.

These three vaulted ceilings represent the most popular vaults that are used in architecture today. There are a few other arches to note, though. The rib vault is a take on the groin vault in that it’s made up of intersecting barrel vaults. The only difference is that the barrels used for the rib vault are not of the same diameter. The fan vault is a very complex series of arches that has not been used often throughout history.

So, if you’re looking to make your homes remarkable, choose one or all of the three vaulted ceilings mentioned here. The one you choose will depend on the style you’re looking to achieve, but they are all winners – each vaulted ceiling will create its own jaw-dropping effect.

Design Your Dome Vault Ceiling

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