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The Pumpkin


Around our office, we try to have fun whenever we can. We enjoy what we do, so it’s not hard, but some days call for a bit more festivity than others. So, when we looked at the calendar and realized Halloween was right around the corner, we saw our opportunity to get creative. And more importantly, have some FUN!

Getting Festive With Our Projects!

We got to thinking about all the fun Halloween-themed projects we could create with our kits. A giant bat? Hmm…that’s a good one, but we’d need a little more time and possibly some non-kit pieces. How about a few gravestones? Interesting, but not quite what we were going for. Finally, after hours of deliberating over a giant bowl of bite-sized candies, it came to us. A pumpkin is the PERFECT Halloween project for our arches!

Okay, in the interest of full disclosure, it didn’t exactly take us hours to come up with the idea. That’s just how long we sat around eating the Halloween candy before finally springing into action. C’mon, can you blame us?

How We Tackled This Task

So, we started to draft the plans for our new project. It wasn’t difficult because, well, a pumpkin is nothing if it’s not round, right? And we know round – a little better after all that candy.

The stem was this project’s biggest challenge (apart from moving the gargantuan gourd). But we weren’t going to let that stand in the way of our ultimate Halloween caper. We simply took two standard arches, cut them in half and spray-painted them green. And we had a beautiful pumpkin stem to top off the 30 full arches that form this massive Halloween display!

Pumpkin top-07453

Rafters Spray Painted-40206

And since this particular pumpkin was tasked to fill the entire town with Halloween spirit, we decided to illuminate it from within with a small torch that we also made from scratch (yes, we were feeling ambitious on this particular day!)

pumpkin bottom view-33598

Sharing The Final Product!

After we saw the fruit of our labor, we just knew we had to share the project with the world. Not to pat ourselves on the back, but to show everyone that our kits are truly multipurpose. They aren’t just for ceilings or archways. If you wanted, you could create set props. If you wanted, you could create a giant pumpkin so Great that even Charlie Brown would be in awe!

Watch the video above to see the Great Pumpkin in the making, and how much fun we had bringing it to its festive resting place. Maybe next year you can create an Archways Pumpkin of your own. But until then, we urge you to challenge us with creative ideas for our next Halloween project. Our waistlines can’t afford to deliberate over another bowl of candy.

All of us here at Archways and Ceilings Made Easy sincerely hope that you had an amazing Halloween this year, and wish you the happiest All Hallows celebrations in years to come!

Finished Pumpkin

humster project

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